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Damn, my daughter loves these games

I read some Nancy Drew as a kid (nice change of pace to Hardy Boys)....but anyway, how many of these games are there? She's on the fifth one, the bill's getting expensive, and she goes through them like gangbusters (2-3 days).

I wish there was a little more re-playability and game length. If a ten year old can get through a whole game in one weekend, just how much value are we getting for $20 a game?
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There are 15 of the normal adventures by my count. If you wait for a holiday sale they are usually 50% off. Some of them are harder than others, but they are all probably about the same length.
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You can get all 17 Nancy Drew titles in the sale at the moment for $39. Seems like pretty good value to me, but I wish the entries in the games list were sorted in order. E.g. game 01, 02 and so on.
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