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Widescreen Support ?

Any chance of running these games in widescreen? I contacted Microids and they said "We have not informations about an update for that. Thank you for your understanding" They are fantastic games but they are stretched on the newer widescreen monitors that more and more people have these days.
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Both games are pretty old. There's no way to run them in widescreen unless you force it through your gfx card's settings.

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depending on your platform/hardware you should at least be able to get rid of stretching...

Most monitors offer a choice of different ways to 'scale' lower rez content... 1:1 where it just shows a little tiny 640x480 display surrounded by all the black of whatever your native monitor res is, 'aspect' where it will scale the 640x480 game to touch the inside of your monitor dimension, generally leaving black 'pillars' on either side, but at least its not scaled, and then 'fill' where it will distort the aspect ratio incorrectly. unfortunately many of the cheapest monitors only offer the last option.

Video drivers though generally also let you tweak this. I'm not sure about ati/intel drivers but i know nvidia drivers offer you a selection of ways you can choose to scale content directly on the driver before the monitor gets it... Under 'desktop size and position' in the nvidia control panel you can choose between most of those same options, you can have nvidia scale and stretch it, have nvidia scale it and mantain aspect ratio, have your display scale it (see above) or do not scale it at all. Generally your graphics card will scale it *much* more smoothly and accurately than a monitor anyway, so the fixed aspect ratio nvidia scaling should probably be the way to go.

I'm fairly sure both amd/ati and intel have a similar feature, but i'm not familiar enough with their drivers to guess how to enable it.
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Lex Tertia
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So I managed to change the resolution but since the backgrounds don't get upscaled it looks crap and i would say no fun.


I was able to convert the backgrounds with nconvert but I can't get /s working so I would have to convert every folder seperate... I'm too lazy for this. Maybe someone could write a script that converts all of them, sets a new resolution and reconverts them to syj. If anyone is interested these are the values to change in Syberia.exe:


I set them to 8007 (1920) and 3804 (1080)

the convert command for nconvert is

nconvert -out png "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microids\Syberia DVD\Syberia\Textures\SPECIFIC FOLDER\*.syj"
Just noticed that there are no tools able to convert to pyj.

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