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FC2 No sound?

Hello, I recently bought FC2, installed and began to play. I must say that it looks amazing and that Im absolutly loving it right now, but there is no sound! I think that after playing the first game that sound is a HIGHLY important factor in the game, and not having it in the sequel is a bit bad.

Now leme give you the details, I can hear the enviorment, footsteps, Gun blasts, explosions, but I cant hear any voices if I am looking directly at the person who is speaking, I cannot hear myself reloading, I cannot hear the anybody on the Cell-phone and the "Sound" tab in the options menu doesnt help me at all seeing as it only shows "Master Volume" and something else. Im using headfones, no speakers.

(Btw this is my first time in the Far Cry Forums, I hope I can get along here )
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I am having the exact same issue. Can hear everything except voice and no subtitles appear. FC2 work perfectly fine on my old computer (which was running vista and was slower all round). Really confused as what is causing this.
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I'm also having this issue, except I'm still on the same PC. After re-installing FC2 on a whim, the cut-scene voices and subtitles simply never show themselves. Also, it would appear that my copy has some other issues as well, like not being able to heal myself to advance the tutorial (I believe the two problems may be related in some way).
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