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Dark Messiah - Crash on exit

Bought Dark Messiah some time ago. No problems with download or install. Game launches just fine and I can run the game without problems... Until I try to exit the game and the game freezes.

Tried to read some posts in here, but can´t seem to find a solution for this.

My spec:
Intel Dual Core 2 - 3 ghz
GTX 250 Nvidia
4 gb ram
Win 7 x64

Any advice are most welcome - Thank you in advance
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Have you tried verifying the game cache? Tried updating your chipset/video/sound drivers? You could also try running checkdisk (chkdsk c: /r) on your HDD, to see if there's any minor errors.
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Yes, I have tried all of it. Can´t find any errors/issues what so ever. And it is the only game that freezes on exit.

All drivers/software/OS are up to date.
It´s really not that big a deal, but still it would be nice to exit the game without using Ctrl+Alt+Del every time.
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Orange Ninja
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I don't think there's a fix for this. I've always had that bug ("DMMM.exe has stopped working") whenever I quit - I'm also using Windows 7 64-bit. Thankfully, at least the saves aren't lost.

As soon as the "Windows is searching for a solution" error window pops up, just click on 'Close Program'. I've gotten used to it now!
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I have the same problem too :s
Running with Win 7x86
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The crash on Exit is a well known old bug of the game and will never be fixed.
Only a very few budget re-release versions (for example in Italy) have this bug fixed for Vista/Win7 and future Windows versions. All others (original retail, Collector's Edition, Steam version etc.) will crash on exit.


Working fix for the Steam version: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...16&postcount=1

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