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Lightbulb How I made my game run properly just configuring my Catalyst

Hi guys.

I bought this game at last hollyday sale and played it well at my notebook. But yesterday I tried to play it on my desktop (Win7/64x with ATI HD4780) and all I got was a white screen and a crash dialog.

I tried all the solutions I found in the internet, including:
- run the game and/or Steam as administrator
- all combinations of compatilibities configurations
- verify game files/reinstall the game
- download mods, game files and cracks
- edit game files to change maximum resolution

None of these seems to work, but I realised that the problem is with ATI driver and OpenGL. Some foruns say to revert your driver to an older version, but I play other games and I wouldn't do that just because of a single game. Then I tried to look inside Catalyst options for something that might help me. So I found this: in the Gaming menu, under 3D application settings, there is an OpenGL triple buffering option. I enabled it and the game worked perfectly! Whithout flicks or fast/slowmotion.

No compatibilities options enabled, no need to run as administrator, no need to edit any game file or download anything besides original Steam game.
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Glad you found a solution, unfortunately not for me
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Thanks for trying to help, but it doesn't work for me. I "found" another solution too, but it only worked for two days (play offline), then stopped working. I can not explain, and apparently Steam doesn't care at all.
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I had this problem as well, lucky enough I bought the game on the Steam sale out of being lazy to look for my CD, and as I got the white screen crash as well, I decided to go look for my CD anyway.

Short story, I found the CD, installed it and started the game thinking it might start a white screen and crash, apparently not, the game started without fail straight out of the box so to say.

I think the problem with Steams version of the game is that its the US version of the game, the one I have is UK as I bought it several years ago via Amazon in the UK.

so the issue here, at least in my case was not GPU based but version based.

OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
Compatibility settings on Executional: "none" didnt need to set any.
Steam in game overlay works?: yes

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