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How does co-op work?


A friend of mine and I just bought FUEL today. We've managed to get together for Online Free Ride, and I think I get the theory of how to do the races together, but we're not sure how to get Challenges working. Some say that multiple entrants are possible, but how do you actually get multiple people working together on one? Do you have to actually drive up to a challenge marker in the game world?

As an aside, when and how do the helipads become usable as a mode of fast travel?

Thank you for any assistance,
John Magnum
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Check out the Fuel Refueled mod for getting more races (possibly even challenges, I am not 100% sure) in muliplayer (but this may not be ready yet, ask in that forum, Vetron would be glad to help).

To set up a race, one of the pages in the menu (can't remember exact name) has online related options. Somewhere in there is an option to make a custom race. Once made, your friends need to search for a race in the same menu and yours should come up.

Helipads are accessible once you unlock a map (by gaining enough career stars for that map). Then you can click on them on the map to teleport there.

check out this wiki for more info about how the game works. Helped me a lot back in the day!
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