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My Techtopia Mission release

Hi FOTW junkies,

since the release of FOTW there have been lots of complaints about the difficulty of the game. I think it is right to go out of the way of normal
contemporate gaming to challenge the mind of the player instead of guiding him through an easy and soothing experience, thus generating a false sense
of accomplishment.

If you beat this game, you have indeed accomplished sth. and earned bragging rights, not for your skill, but for your might of thought. To become such
a paragon of gaming is a noble quest and is reward in renoun as in itself.

That being said, the game is friggin' hard! And people are soft (and chubby!). Plus a lot of new players got it on Summer Sale and dispair.

So some even moan along the play of eased paths. ERE YOU HAVE PLAYED THIS MISSION - THOU SHALLST MOAN NO FURTHER!

So whats the point of my thread? I made a mission as a present to all the lazy "cheats" in the world who are unwilling to play the game the hard way.
In this mission you are not only supplied with almost infinite amounts of fuel, but with abilities in science, unparalleled to any. The Japanese
will discover every single technology in the first simulated five-yeared circuit.

To install just put it in your mission dir (further instruction in the readme)

The mission order var is 9 and the .lua is basicaly a modified copy of the cornucopia mission.

So rejoice, download, and beat the game - The easy way!

Mirror 1: http://www.filefactory.com/file/uytf...gy_Mission.zip

Mirror 2 (down due to being too awesome):http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HR7ZPP0Z

I wanna tell What are the effects on the gameplay:

- This is not giving you all technological advances on a global scale
- I chose Japan because it befits the region (stereotypes i know)
- I chose Japan since they are producing almost no emissions anyway
- You will find yourself spending a lot of money on the acquisition of those technological advances in other regions.
- Since emission and security is the only issue you still have to spend lots of money on developing countries, leaving them on low-tech growth.
- Pushing energy-intensive techs early might still lead to energy shortages, despite the abundance of resources.
- These will, however, be slim and in my playthroughs a financial was never a global event.


sry for the bad english. I am not a native speaker.

PS: and a special hello to Andy_K who is probably the utmost valuable .lua and modding buff on these forums who inspired (and helped with his posts) me to do this.
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MATE ! FotW needs an alive modding community as much as the great support from RedRedemption.

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Nice idea for a mod. I think soon we'll need to compile some sort of 'Mod library' so new players can easily see what's out there.
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why are there so few missions out anyways?

Cause it's so easy to make them, that everybody just does it for themselves?

Even this topic gets very little views. Is there no demand for such things, or was mine just too simple of a change?
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I haven't tried your mission, but I feel it wouldn't offer any challenge. By rushing headlong towards Fusion power for China and India and Supersmart grids for everyone else, you could solve the energy and emissions crisis in 5 turns or less.

Here's a few ideas for scenarios I'd been thinking about.

Sunburn - A variant of the Denial scenario. Global warming is real, but is caused by increased solar activity. As with Denial the objective would be to preserve the world's standard of living.
Animal Saviour - We humans are ruining this world, and the innocent animals are suffering because of it. You must protect them by any means necessary. Your score is based purely on the reduction of toxicity of the environment, the extent of the forests and the number of species saved from extinction.
No scoring for HDI levels or population, you don't care about them as long as they keep giving you money.
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It is supposed to be not as challenging, but i think you are underestimating the costs of the adaption of every technology with an eary game GDP.

But yeah, I guess its supposed to be in between the Africa and Cornucopia missions.

I like your Ideas on Missions, although they require lots of more effort, than what I did, and don't appeal to me personally ^^

I guess if you really want to expand the game you need to MOD new cards, like a ban on Nukes or Weapon sales, which might lower your GDP or Popularity, but lower the possibility of armed conflict and thermonuke-escalation.

The game also lacks Human Right, State-Debt or Political System cards and could be played from, say 2000-2300 in 3 year steps for a major MOD idea.
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So I thought I would mess around with the LUA file and give every region the highest possible tech from the start... Doesn't seem to work, just crashes the game.
Is there anything else that needs to be modified other than the LUA?
if not, what are the values and what are the copied over?
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Thanks for this modified version, though I didn't find it easy, just different. I have never gotten to see most of the technologies yet. I don't think it worked correctly however. I passed 3 degrees of warming around 2120 AD and the game did not respond in any way. I continued playing and I got to 2200 AD (with around 5 degrees of warming by this point). It acknowledged that I had avoided financial collapse and the game just started another round for 2205. I quit since I was doing very badly and it was almost midnight and I didn't know how many centuries it would go on!
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Needs to be re uploaded. Sounds like a good way to see the effects of techs on a region by region basis. Also probably the only way i'll ever get the temp back to 0.
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Hey dude the U.S. government took down your level, PM them and ask them to PM me the link?
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Originally Posted by FellowAssassin View Post
Hey dude the U.S. government took down your level, PM them and ask them to PM me the link?
Thanks for the reminder. I just visited this thread to get the file myself. Luckily I still have all the original files on my laptop. As soon as I find a decent new Host I will upload the level again.

Edit: Here is the new URL. I hope the hoster is trustworthy and wont get his assets seized soon... http://www.filefactory.com/file/uytf...gy_Mission.zip

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It's down again
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To be honest I don't think you need to send the file to anyone. You can just tell people to make a new file and copy and paste the text from yours into it. Well okay I just tried to do that for my own scenario and unfortunately the Steam forum will attempt to add junk to it and censor out a few words (notably the shorthand for 'Japan')

In any case my own mission that I made by altering the file has all regions discover the level of maximum technology in addition to everyone starting with green alignments (like Earth Day) in addition to a cornucopia of resources. I call it Pollyanna.

Perhaps I should add it to the wiki somewhere?
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