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Angry Can't run the demo and Tages site won't load.

I'm having problems trying to run the Silverfall Demo. Doesn't matter what I do, it just don't run.
Tryied running as administrator, deleting and downloading again (100kbps download hurts), download the PhysX drivers from nVidia, installed everything right and yet it doesn't run.
Anytime I try to run thru Steam it just takes me to the Store at the Silverfall page.
I am NOT buying a game without testing. I am really interested in byuing games thru steam, as they are most time cheaper than in Brazil and I can do it from home, but I haven't seen any chance of that happening if I can't load this demo.
Every place I read about demo problems, people say: "Download the Tages drivers at www.tagesprotection.com", but I can never access that server, it says it can't connect to the server, tryed to solve problems and it says that www.tagesprotection.com is offline. That should be downloaded with the game files.
I can't express in words how mad I am, like REALLY mad. It's been almost 40 hours trying to make it work and no progress at all.
I'm running a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits, my graphics board is a Nvidia Geforce 8400GS, 3gb ram, plenty space on any off the two HDs, Pentium 4. My specs, even low (reason I'm looking for "older" games), can run Silverfall, from what I've read, unless the minimun specs on Steam are also a failure on your part.
Again, it's been over 40 hours trying.

tl;dr: Silverfall won't run, just put me on the Store page on Steam, www.tagesprotection.com isn't accessible, and no matter what I do, it simply won't run.


Respectfully (believe me, the words I wanted to type here would get me a perma ban),

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Cool Solving the issue.

Hello again.
Just giving a heads up on the problem.
It seems that tagesprotection.com is really out for some reason, could be for my country only, but I don't know.
Solution: browse 4shared for the TagesSetup_x64.exe, download and install. Now I can successfuly run Silverfall Demo.
Probably will buy the game, but it's still too soon to tell. I'm kinda bit angry towards the suport for not answering my mails and that may reflect on my testing results, as if future problems occur I probably won't get any support.
Ah, who am I kidding, it seems to be a cool game, I'll buy that, probably. Cheers.

P.S.: if anyone happen to have the same issue I had, bump this thread and I'll upload the Tages instalation and link it here.
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Quite the old thread, but it helped me (Win 7 Professional x64). Sucks to have additional DRM on Steam games, but at least I could peek into the game.
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I flipped out when this popped up: http://i.imgur.com/6teFl.png

Not only is it Tages, one of the worst DRMs on the planet next to StarForce, but there's copyprotection ON A DEMO.

Jesus, this is why people pirate things.

Needless to say, I will not be buying the bundle that's currently on sale.

Direct link to removal (and installer) tool: http://www.tagesprotection.com/5.5/TagesSetup_x64.exe

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Ya, pretty hilarious a DEMO has TAGES drm; sheesh, are they trying to prevent people from playing the demo? lol
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Given the state of the demo (back when it came out), yeah - I'd make sure people don't play the DEMO, if I was Monte Cristo and Focus. :-X I don't know why anyone would want the DEMO. The Demo was a complete technical MESS when it first came out - and so was the vanilla version of the game (without Earth Awakening), for that matter; even after Silverfall (vanilla version's) final patch. While I did like Silverfall (original), the game was a technical mess.

The original full Silverfall game is worth playing ONLY IF you actually install Earth Awakening b/c that expansion fixes so much UI, camera, engine, and technical issues, if ain't even funny. It's the way the game should've been released, in the first place.

Take it from someone (like me) who played Silverfall BEFORE Earth Awakening; and AFTER Earth Awakening. It's like night and day, the differences you'll notice once you install Earth Awakening.

The original game NEVER got an overhaul patch. Earth Awakening IS your overhaul patch...and a new campaign and has new content, as well.

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