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How to fix the mod removal plus Cloud problem

Since this happens a lot, I'm just going to make a single post and let Brian sticky if for you all. If you use certain mods and then remove them, the cloud may continue to load your modded saves, resulting in a crash on start-up every time. The Cloud tends to ignore your settings and choice about loading the saves. Here is how to start fresh, with no saves and no mods:

WARNING: This WILL delete all of your saved characters.
1- Go into your application data/runic games/torchlight/ folder and delete both saves folders, and the contents of the mods folder.
2- Leave the window open, and start Torchlight.
3- When the cloud recreates your save folders, delete them before Torchlight finishes loading.

If this doesn't fix a start-up problem you are having, try verifying your game files within Steam. If that doesn't help, contact Runic's official customer support address, on their website.

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For detailed elaboration on these steps, check out: http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtop...133866#p133866

If you're still having a problem, please contact us at customerservice@runicgames.com and we'll see what we can do. Thanks!
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The most simple solution would be to allow Steam Cloud to be disabled correctly, rather than what is going on right now -.-
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