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No writing on the main menu

***** Nevermind - Seems that completely reinstalling it fixed the issue Mods can delete if they want *****

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Most of the time re-installing wont help but glad it did
In case anyone else is stuck with this problem like myself, even after re-installing multible times...

This is being caused by the installer not doing the registry correctly, so the game is doing the default language of German and if you dont have German on your PC then all the text will be blank.
(When the game first starts up, look at the version number and you will see language de_DE)

*Steam would have to fix this as Ascaron Entertainment is no longer around*

Until steam fixes this or someone uploads a working registry... here is a temporary work around.

(Windows Vista 32bit)
1. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\sacred 2\locale
2. Make new folder called de_DE
3. Copy everything inside of folder en_US
4. Paste everything inside of folder de_DE

This will make all the text come back and in English BUT there is one draw back to this fix... the in game videos will still be spoken in German.

Hope this helps.

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