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Fullscreen Problems

I recently bought Uplink and tried to play it with a widescreen monitor. When I started the game, the resolution was off so I went to change it from the settings. After I changed it, the game wasn't in fullscreen mode anymore, and since the option buttons are in the lower right corner, the windows bar prevented me from pushing them. It's quite embarassing actually...

Could someone please help?
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Try the "Beta Patch 1.55/Fix for widescreen crash"

Originally Posted by therusher2000 View Post
If you'd like to try the v1.55 beta patch for Uplink (current Steam version is v1.54). Do the following:

-Shut down Steam
-Click on Start, then Run
-Type out your steam path, in quotes, followed by "-beta uplink0323"

32-bit Steam, installed to default directory in C: drive:
"C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -beta uplink0323
64-bit Steam, installed to default directory in C: drive:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe" -beta uplink0323

This will restart Steam and begin downloading the beta patch. This fixes the widescreen bug that prevents people from playing the game (at least it did for me).

Credit given to the original Uplink forum at:
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Does the beta install even work? I tried it and it doesn't seem to.
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I bought this game in Humbebundle. I have fullhd resolution, and from the second start of this game I have this problem too.
Did you find out some solution for this windowed thing?
Thank you very much!
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The information dr_ogen gave us works. You need to make sure to follow the steps and type in everything correctly. If Steam doesn't load and download the latest beta for Uplink, you have likely typed in the path for steam.exe wrong or the following run string.
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