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Health regen makes it a whole new game.

I just started playing a few days ago, so I am still a beginner.

Having health regenerate makes a HUGE difference.

Makes long journeys MUCH easier, where before I dreaded those underground worms because even if I killed it in a blow or two it would take my health down enough to kill me after encountering a few.

If I ever meet anyone newer than me that just joined I already feel like I could tell them how hard it was 'back in the day' when your health didn't recover.

Kids these days. They don't know how good they got it!
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I actually think the game is harder now.

I can see it being easier once I'm geared, but for a starting player, having a 1-minute downtime between eating is extremely harsh, especially since health regen doesn't even begin to kick in until you haven't been hit for something like 20-30 seconds, and more often than not, circumstances don't permit you to not take damage (like when you're smashed up against a wall).

It definitely slows the game down, I'll say that much. I'm not sure yet though if it's a good thing or not. I'll have to play a little longer to decide.
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I think it makes the game easier. I could see it being more difficult for newer players since the 1 minute down time is a tad long but I can't see it being that bad. I don't know, maybe I'm biased since I have grown accustomed to playing Hardcore. You have to learn to actually dodge and time your attacks in Hardcore if you want to live, especially if you venture at night in the beginning.

Although after starting a Mediumcore character after the patch(prefered the name color over Harcore) there are times when I wish I could chug that second potion after the first. What I think should be improved is making a band of star power give you mana even if you don't have any. I found a Magic Mirror and a BoSP today but haven't stayed out long enough to get stars. Imagine my surprise when the Band doesn't give me mana to use my Mirror!
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The fact that you can't abuse potion spam anymore makes it harder overall. Bosses were jokes.
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Was the potion downtime increased then? I thought it always had a red X over a potion after you drank it. The timer countdown seems new, but only playing a day or two before the update I can't quite tell.

For me, it's MUCH easier as in a cave system for a new player.. I would run out of health potions FAST. Now, I can just build a little fort or hide in a corner for a minute or two and be back to full health, and with care, usually get back to full health just walking between encounters.
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