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Tis a Mystery
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Question Whats it about?

Since the discription part of the steam store only gives so little info can someone tell me what exactly this is so I can understand if I wish to download it or not? Thnaks to whoever answers this.
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This is essentially an extension of the PC Gamer (USA) magazine. It's got interviews with developers, videos of games being played, a feature about video rendering effects, strategies for Team Fortress 2, and more. It's all high resolution multimedia like text, video, pictures, and voiceovers.

I'm going to be buying every single one of these and I'm really glad to hear they'll be releasing these weekly.
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Additionally, Episode 0 (which was previously the Beta episode I believe) is still available for free so there really is no reason not to just try before you buy. Reviewing all the content in depth took me around 75 minutes on that free episode. I particularly enjoyed the developer's roundtable in that first demo episode.

As long as you are in the US region, you can install the PC Gamer Digital application from Steam for free by just clicking the "INSTALL GAME" button at http://store.steampowered.com/app/92500/.
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