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Chat filters

While I realise it's perfectly prudent to have a good chat filter for swearing etc I think in some cases it goes too far. I just tried to type the sentence "but there's no money in it" and it censored me saying 'but t'... come one? Really? Why?

Is the word butt so offensive? So offensive that to prevent people from trying to say "I'll kick your BUT T!" there is a need to prevent actual sentences from going through?

I know it's a minor le* but there has to be a way of looking at this again. You'd be surprised how often it comes up in conversation the word but followed by a t. Perhaps I should just say however since that is more often than not the correct thing to do, however when typing fast to answer questions I don't bother.

Come on Perfect World save our BUTS!

EDIT:: STEAM WHY? For the love of Zeus. Still amusing to be censored for using a perfectly appropriate word while complaining about censorship.

Cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety: "a nasty leg wound which still led at him".

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Reminds me of Hellgate's censorship. You can't say "ash" or "". So you can't even use words that are in the game like "stash" and "Japan". Especially when your personal storage box is blatantly called your STASH.
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Agree wholeheartedly. There should be and on/off toggle for the chat filter. ON by default, but toggleable for people who aren't offended by casual conversation.
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I would be happier in a world where like if I swear it just goes out into the air and like you hear it if your listening to me. If it was truly offensive you could maybe say hey dont be a jerk man. Omg thats so much responsibility for us both though. I could never handle a world like that wihout automiatic filters on speech as I try to form the words in my mouth.
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