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Is this worth buying yet?

I'm asking whether it's a good idea to go for the one-time purchase without planning to ever buy any of the limited boosters and such.

I ask because Global Agenda piqued my interest when Steam added the other garbage "F2P" games, but it wasn't really playable at the time due to lag and made a very pay2win impression to me.
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i'm elite from owning the original game and you do get a nice extra chunk of experience from the new quests now, plus an extra drop on missions and the AH is handy but it seems more improving the experience than really necessary. that said tokens and crafting upgrades become your only source of gear without rewards, AH and mail so it's pretty grindy, but the gaps between starter gear and lv.30 purples are in the region of 12% more dmg tops (or hp, duration, cooldown etc.) so not the end of the world.

boosters seem pretty optional - nothing worth noting other than the extra xp/coin and the odd extra reward but i'm pretty much tripping gear at mid 20's and levelling fast now north desert is in so i wouldn't bother.

GACOU441622234230 < use this code to get a third off if you do decide to get game and this was helpful (nets me a boost !) but honestly if you don't find yourself wanting to play more and aren't left feeling you need the extra gear on pve instance completion i'd not bother.

<edit> as far as i am aware free players get access to all levels and content, it'll just be a bastard grind. do a few rounds of pvp and a pve to see if you like it as that is what you will be doing the entire rest of the game - even new repeatable quests are basically short instances.

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There is no pay2win.

With elite agent and/or booster you follow the same progression than free, but faster because you get items at the end of the missions and you don't have to grind ad nauseum the materials to craft epic weapon mods by buying them on the ah.

Team fortress and GA are the true f2p experience you can do everything although getting 50 with good equipment can take so much time that is worth the 12€ elite package
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Originally Posted by bogoff View Post
that said tokens and crafting upgrades become your only source of gear without rewards
Not really. You get at least one piece of blue gear on average from the daily missions, and purple droprates aren't that bad either.
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aye i've just got back in game after recent patch myself and it makes levelling 18-30 so much easier and tricks you out in some blue gear - elite is really quite nice here as you are getting usually 50% more xp from quests which really adds up. this makes me even more certain that elite and especially boosters are optional - elite makes your game experience generally better but since almost all cash items are cosmetic and levels after 30 grant less improvement i'd skip boosts.

ta whoever used my code btw, good on ye and feel free to pm "derform" ingame for help or just shoot the .
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No it's not worth buying because the game still isn't very good.

If you love the game, buy it. If you think it's just "ok" then continue playing for free. It's definately not pay2win, it's pay for less grinding. I bought the game at release but I've never paid for any of the stupid boosters.
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Think of the free like version like a Trial, its not perfect but if you buy it it will be a bit more enjoyable.

Elite is like the full game, with less annoying things and more of the fun stuff.

Boosters as extras for fun
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