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I wanted a mod that increases reliance on infantry, but still kept snipers useful and hopefully makes artillery something unique.

Please let me know what you think, and all comments/critiques are appreciated. I love this game, and just want to make it even more fun


This mod gives you control of several squads as they fight to contain the virulent zombie outbreak. Carefully plan your tactics - there are no second chances.

Recommended Instructions:
- Game length has been increased. For the full experience, play a long game (to 24000 points) and DO NOT check any custom modes off...several are included in this already.

- Elite squads. Your hand-picked troopers are the best of the best, with increased firing rates and accuracy. Snipers have been equipped with enhanced rifles with new mounts whic increase firing speed at the cost of slower repositioning.
- Our artillery has been replaced with a new model that can respond to support requests faster than ever...but be careful, it takes a long time to reload. Reserve it for emergencies.
- Command has given you more barricades and landmines for zed crowd control. Unfortunately, though, reserves of dynamite and nectar have fallen dangerously low. All available dynamite has been diverted to another front, and the labs have taken the entire remaining stock of nectar to try and synthesize weaponry which might save us all.
- Additional transport capacity. Several previous rescue attempts were understaffed and ended up involuntarily defecting to the zeds. Your zeppelin has been retrofitted to carry more squads, and an even larger one is being built.
- No outside help. You're on your own, commander. Our scientists are frantically working on Project Llama, but it hasn't been perfected yet. Projects Catbird and Elephantbird have been canceled. If you can hold on long enough, Project Llama might just come through...
- Larger cities. You must infiltrate our largest metropolises to rescue stranded survivors. You are their only hope.
- More zombies. The outbreak is spreading even faster than we thought possible. They also seem to be evolving to be faster and more aggressive.

Other notes:
- gas lines have been disabled
- no restarting missions
- zeds can attack cleansed territories
- infantry stats have been bumped up (increased firing rate and accuracy)
- llama bombs are available when zeds reach 18000 points
- you can purchase llama bombs when YOU reach 18000 points
- no catbird or elephantbird
- no dynamite or nectar
- base transport capacity has been upgraded to 5, increases to 6 at 12000 points
- many more changes and tweaks

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