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Red face timing is off?

Okay. The button press and sound effects are off-rhythm in this game.

Now... I like rhythm games, I play piano, and I think I have a fair sense of timing - my roommate, a drummer who's far better at keeping time than I am, agrees. Despite all that, I suppose it's possible we're both wrong, or we're just not that good at this game.

But. I feel like the button presses just aren't syncing with the music. Like the notes are just sort of awkwardly shifted towards falling a little before or a little after the beat - videos of other people playing (like this one) make me suspect that it isn't just me.

So what's the deal? Why don't the notes seem to line up with the beat?
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You're definitely correct, and it seems intentional. I too come from a very musical background. Also, you can tell really clearly when Auto Pilot is on.
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I agree that there is a bit of an issue with timing. I find myself not paying attention to the arrows themselves and just focus on the music, and that grants scores that are generally perfect. Going for the arrows, though, is futile.
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