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Oogani rescues on "Crate of secrets" and "Trompin'" levels bugged?

i cant seem to "rescue" the 2 Ooganis needed on the level "crate of secrets".
is this a bug or intended? because i cant see any units on the map that are trapped or need rescuing

on the level Trompin' i do see a unit that is trapped right at the start however he mentions that it will catch up later on. anyways i couldnt see any way of opening his cage so im not sure if this is a bug as well or i just didnt figure it out.


edit:also on the level "A recipe of disaster" i only have 90% complete even though i have everything on that level

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Captain Jax
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All I can think to tell you is go into spirit mode and look around the map to see if you've missed anything.
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