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Lightbulb **FIX** ERROR:delete of Steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 "Access Denied" **FIX**

Alright, I have found a fix for this issue. After buying Skyrim. I popped it in and watched in Horror as steam buggerd the install with the dreaded "ERROR:delete of Steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 "Access Denied" issue. I trolled the web for Hours reading several fixes and possible remidies None of which worked. Disabled All programs that could be interfering (avg skysweeper etc). I have full admin privilages and made sure of this. I tried EVERYTHING out there. But nothing. And then I think i found a FIX taht should work for Most people in Most situations. The problem is obviously that steam has a stupid method of updating where by it installs an older version, updates it to a newer one, and the issue arises when steam tries to delete the old Steam.exe file and replace it with the new one.

So, Here is the Fix:
What i did was very simple. First I copied all of the data from the Disc to my desktop so that I was installing from a Non write protected source. I dont actually think this did anything but i thot id list it as a step anyways.

The important part is that you need to Delete Steame.exe MANUALLY during the update process. For some reason or another steam is incapable of doing it itself.

**Its probably Best to Un-install steam, and then Restart before going on. We are using the Steam install that comes with the Game on the Disc. and want a fresh install. Make sure you have Administrative Privilages and have your Antivirus and Spyware softwares disabled.**

1) start install like normal. It will Bugger up and you'll get the error" Steam delete failed" blah blah.

2)Open up task manager to monitor ur processes look at it alphabetical order so everything stays nice and static.

3)Navigate to your Steam Directory (usually C:\ProgramFiles\Steam)

4)Open Steam.exe. At this point steam will atempt to update again.

5)Watch your processes. When "SteamTmp.exe" pops up its time to act. Be quick here.

6)Quickly Select "Steam.exe" in the steam Folder, and press Delete, and then Enter Over and Over and Over! (I know sounds micky mouse thats cuz it is)

7)What will happen is you will get a message reading "Cant Delete Program in use" or somjething like that, and it will say "try again" or cancel. Hit enter or "Try Again" over and over and you will catch the update process at a certain point where it Lets you Delete Steam.exe. It will probably happen to fast for you to notice because ull be Mushing enter and accept right through the Delete.

After you that the update should continue past 26% to completion and you should be on your way!!

I Hope this Helps Anyone who is experienceing this issue, It should work for Most steam installs.
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Yes Thank you!

Worked perfectly
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I faced the same issue, read this thread helped a lot. Another (possibly easier) solution:
1 try installing, let it carp out
2 find the .exe file in c/programs . . . steam. . .
3 right click on the file and go to properties.
4 uncheck the "read only" option, hit apply then OK
5 Double click on the .exe file to run the installation again.

Good Luck!!!
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Even easier fix. Make sure you have your steam link on the desktop, navigate to the folder and delete steam.exe.

Run the shortcut on the desktop and windows will prompt you that file doesnt exist but can be recovered from the recycle bin, click yes, and it'll update

Counter intuitive or what?
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Talking Tested on two different machines, Error 5 Fixed

Hi all,

So I had been trying to get steam to install and get passed error 5 for roughly 8 days. I had read the comments on this thread and a few others and even attempted to contact steam tech support regarding the problem and all they would do is refer me to the information I had already gone through.

I was about to uninstall steam and give up forever on it. I decided to try one last thing and amazingly it worked.
  • Run the steam install and let it fail
  • Right click on the taskbar and click Start Task Manager
  • Navigate to the Processes tab
  • Find explorer.exe in the list
  • Right click on it and select End Process
  • It will come up with a message, just click End process
  • Now you will notice windows desktop disappear
  • Now you have to reopen the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Click File
  • Then click New Task(Run)
  • type in explorer.exe (or you can browse to C:\Windows\explorer.exe)
  • Once windows has restored the desktop rerun the steam install and it will complete successfully
I had first tried this on my 32bit Windows 7 PC that was giving me error 5 and I also ran the test successfully on my 64bit Windows 7 Laptop that was giving me error 5 as well. I hope this helps cure your error 5.

See you in game
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