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Games similiar to Toki Tori

Does anybody know others challenging puzzle platformer?
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Limbo is another good puzzle platformer.
It's not as hard and the puzzles are physics based (pushing boxes, reversing gravity etc.) rather than about using combinations of items.
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I think the closest game that fits the description is Joe by Warp.

It's a puzzle game.
It has platforms.
It's challenging.
It has a good soundtrack.
It's indie and it's free.


But it is old and requires DOSBox to play on a Windows newer than 95.

I'll even throw in an extra level (made by me) if you actually decide to try the game.
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Braid is a good one, and it's on Steam, to boot.
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Braid, Limbo, Blocks that Matter, Bob Came in Pieces, Eets, BEEP

Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Nightsky possibly?? (I have yet to play these)

Nyxquest, Trine, Rochard seem to be more of adventure games but have some puzzle elements to them

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I haven't played it yet, but fish fillets 2 kinda reminded me of toki tori (i might be completely wrong though)

As for puzzle platformers:
-saira - some people complained that it's too hard, i think it's perfect. it's basically platforming mixed with really, really cool puzzles. nightsky is by the same author, but not as good imo.
- mr. robot - a mixture of rpg (in having tb battles in jrpg style and leveling up) and puzzle platformer. not really challenging, but it has a lot of personality and i love it to death.

maybe aquaria, even though it's mainly an action/underwater exploration/platformer with some puzzles. it can get very challenging (and dark)

and lastly, try puzzle dimension. i also second every game from the previous post, especially braid and misadventures of pb winterbottom.
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