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Prince of Persia Sands of Time vs Two Thrones vs Warrior Within


I've once played Sands of Time on the PS2 and it was fine. But what about Two Thrones and Within Warrior? How are these compared to Sands of Time?

I won't buy Forgotten Sands because of the DRM, but what about Prince of Persia without the extra title? Worth it?
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If you liked Sands of Time, Warrior Within will probably seem jarring. The Two Thrones is more of a direct sequel to Sands of Time and you will probably enjoy it most since you played that game. I think Two Thrones has better platforming than WW and it doesn't make you backtrack. The story and voice acting are also better.

Prince of Persia (2008) has very different gameplay. The platforming is very easy and you spend most of the time backtracking to collect light orbs. It's pretty but shallow. I prefer all of the Sands of Time trilogy.
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Sands of Time is the best one.

Warrior Within has improved gameplay, but tries way too hard to be "dark" and "edgy" and instead is mostly annoying.

Two Thrones is better than WW but not quite as good as SoT.

Prince of Persia 2K8 is pretty, but lacks challenge and has lots of padding (light seeds). It's almost worth playing just to check out the great artwork, though.
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Another issue with PoP 2008 is the epilogue DLC never got released for PC, so the ending will leave you hanging. I've just started playing the DLC on the PS3 version and I think it's actually better than the main game. If the core game were linear and didn't revolve around collecting the light seeds I'd rate it much higher.
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Warrior within has a somewhat complex combat system, lots of abilities and weapons, combat can be really frustrating and has to be played at least twice to get all the content.
It is a long game as far as PoP games are concerned and has a lot of backtracking.

Two thrones has a better flow to it, no backtracking, a less convoluted and engaging story and a two unique gameplay mechanics. Its about as long as the Sands of time, just as linear.

Sands of Time is the Best PoP game to date imho.

PoP 2008... I really enjoyed. Gameplay is easy and relaxing, world is beautiful, artstyle is great and I enjoyed the story, hope ubisoft makes a sequel. If you're looking for a challenge this isn't it.
Epilogue DLC sadly not available on PC

Never played The Forgotten sands, the DRM thing is unacceptable and I will not be supporting it.

PS: I had trouble with the Sands of time trilogy on windows 7.
WW had broken textures, all 3 run too fast unless limited to one CPU core, may still have speed issues.

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I own the original trilogy (on the PS2) and I can also confirm that Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones are all great titles, Sands of Time being my favourite however.

I would rate them like this:

PoP: Sands of Time - 9.5/10
PoP: Warrior Within - 8.5/10
PoP: The Two Thrones - 8.0/10

I never played PoP (2008) or The Forgotten Sands.
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Sands of Time is one of the best games ever made.

I have played the start of Warrior Within and, as one commenter noted above, it's just jarring. They've slightly improved the combat, but the tone is awful.

I highly recommend this EDGE story on the comparison between the two games.

I will have to slog through WW, I guess, so I can enjoy the supposedly-better TTT, but haven't had the patience to do it yet.

The 2008 PoP is beautiful. The art design is superb, and the music is gorgeous. Unfortunately the gameplay is basically just disguised quicktime events (here's a hook, press B!), and you have very limited real control over how the Prince platforms. The boss battles are repetitive (there are four you fight four times each) and extremely cheap. And instead of the distinctive prince from Sands of Time, the Prince is... Nolan North. Like every other videogame protagonist.

I'd like to try Forgotten Sands, but I'm not rewarding their DRM and frankly I don't see why the console achievements haven't come across to PC as Steam achievements. (Call me shallow - hey! - but I like achievements.)

But don't let any of this dissuade you from Sands of Time. It is genuinely one of the best games ever made and holds up well today.

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Originally Posted by OzLefty76 View Post
I will have to slog through WW, I guess, so I can enjoy the supposedly-better TTT, but haven't had the patience to do it yet.
You really don't have to play WW to appreciate TT. The story in WW is mostly self-contained and barely connects to the plot in TT. (In fact, WW doesn't even fully explain the connections to Sands of Time in-game. If I hadn't read interviews with the developers beforehand I wouldn't have understood why the Prince is doing what he does in WW.)

TT, on the other hand, ties directly in to the plot from Sands of Time. It feels like the real sequel to me. Not to spoil anything, but there is really only one plot point from WW that carries over into TT, and it resolves itself rather quickly.
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Story: Sands of Time > Warrior Within > The Two Thrones
Artistically: Sands of Time > The Two Thrones > Warrior Within
Puzzle: Sands of Time > The Two Thrones > Warrior Within
Combat: Warrior Within > The Two Thrones > Sands of Time

Sands of Time is the best of the trilogy, but the others are totally worth playing as well.
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My favourite is Warrior Within. The game has a really dark atmosphere and the graphics, the amazing soundtrack (I still listen to it after 8 years), superb combat and a grim story is just super good.

The other PoP games are great aswell,but for me WW is just the best in the series.
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Tough call. I liked them all, for different reasons. I played the Gamecube versions, so I can't say anything about how the PC releases play, but here's a quick overview of my opinion:


Classic, linear, but probably the best mix of story/gameplay/puzzles/fighting of them all. Sadly no replay value due to lack of difficulty settings or any sort of true unlockables besides finding all the sand containers.


Very dark and gritty, which makes it kind of jarring to play right after the relatively clean and "sweet" SOT game.

While story wise it's linear, the game is very much designed like a Metroid, you get a new power, and then waltz through the old areas with said power till you get to wherever that powerup helps you access.

You will be doing a good chunk of platforming both ways, often multiple times, down the main passages of the game. This is made slightly worse by the fact that there are past and present versions of many places, but the designers did a good job(in my opinion) on making sure the platforming and feel was very different between them.

Combat on WW is easily the hardest, most complicated of the three. There are also quite a few boss fights that will really test your PoP combat skills or rely on solving a puzzle instead of just outright chipping away at their health, and the way they do this is by force regenerating the boss. This can be a bit frustrating the first time playing till you realize you are doing it wrong.

It's also the most difficult to get the "good" ending on, due to it's open nature but still requiring finding all of something(trying not to spoil) to earn it. However, it's highly replayable due to Hard mode, and the new gallery artwork to unlock vie hidden chests makes a good unlockable "minor puzzle" reward system. But honestly, after most play it on normal, they arn't going to feel like attempting Hard once they see some of the later combat situations. Of the three, this is the one to get for a challenge.


This is like SOT in it's story telling and liner nature. It's story is really awesome but also rather predictable for the most part. Won't say more, but it helps really build on both prince characters.

I think the main turnoff for me was they tried a bit too hard to put in little "minigame" type things, like the assassination action time animations, or the horse riding segments. But the stuff in between was the same very good mix of combat, platforming, and enviormental puzzles you'd expect from a Prince of Persia game.

Combat this time around is a good mix of letting you do some complicated stuff from WW without requiring it due to the relatively easier difficulty of the enemy arrangements. It also has pretty good replayablity, though not quite as much extra art stuff can be missed as WW due to the linear path you follow through the game(your mileage may vary here depending on how good you are at finding diabolically placed chests).
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Warrior Within totally got the tone wrong, and the Price as a character was pretty crappy in that game.
Added to their decision to make the world sort of semi-open, results in backtracking and them making you face the same trap corridors several times throughout the game, which I thought felt cheap.
Combat is more varied than Sands of Time, but I don't know that I'd consider it actually any better.
As such, Warrior Within is my least favourite of the games.
Though it is still a decent game, the platforming (ignoring the repeated sections) is still very satisfying.

Two Thrones goes back to the linear style of Sands of Time, and I feel its much better for it. The Prince is also more likable, and has the same Voice actor again from the original Sands of Time (for some reason they cast someone else in WW), along with improved combat. I coulda done without the Dark prince, but hey, Its not the worst thing ever.

As for Forgotten Sands, I actually liked it. It was nice to go back to a more proper feeling PoP game after the 08 reboot. And the powers made platforming feel more involved as you switched between freezing water and recreating broke walls and stuff.
The story was meh, and the combat was kinda LOOK I AM GOD OF WAR LOL, but I liked it.
Too bad about the DRM on PC.
Fortunately I played it on console. Smugface.

As for the Original Sands of Time.
That's just a classic. Simple as.
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Sands of Time is the best of this trilogy, no question. The puzzles and fighting are good in all the games but Sands has the best dialogue by far as well as the best music. Electric guitar in a game set 1000 years in the past makes me so furious!!
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I think Warrior Within is awful but if you favor combat, pulling off combos, dark atmosphere and heavy metal music, you might like it. The game is difficult and has a lot of backtracking. Also, don't expect any plot or interesting characters. Keyboard control is quite problematic.

Two Thrones goes back to SoT tradition with combat as a side element and many of the battles are actually platforming puzzles thanks to a new skill called speed kill. The music is once again Persian and Arabic flavored, the characters are much more compelling. The game is easier and shorter and there's no backtracking. Keyboard control is much better but still has some issues.
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Hm, I never liked PoP games, well, until I've heard that my favorite band at that time - Godsmack - actually recording music for a videogame. So, yeah, absolutely loved Warrior Within. Visceral combat, visceral puzzles. And Dahaka, good chap with twisted horns really got my blood pumping during those chase scenarios. Other two were kind of meh, especially Two Thrones with all that censorship...
The general idea is, there are people who liked 1st and 3rd and disliked 2nd and vice versa. So, here's your tip..
Two Thrones is available uncut, as a PS3 HD remake. PC version still remains edited...
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