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Thumbs down Unable to download ANY of the hitman series.

So during the glorious sales that were over the festive season I picked up the Hitman bundle. However when ever I try and install the games, I ALWAYS get

"An error occurred whilst installing hitman: ***** (connection Timeout)"

I have mostly been trying to install just Hitman 2 as my laptop can run it. Yet I have been met with the same problem when trying to install either of the other two hitman games. It doesn't even get past the installation of game cache point!

This has been driving me bonkers the last few days as I have no idea why its continually doing this, I have tried re-installing steam, connection to different servers (all of australia's, most of asias and some of americas) I have even tried logging in on 3 other computers on completely different internet connections and still no-dice.

Any ideas? I havent even been able to find a legit steam backup off the game to download and install from either.
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Contacting support is probably your best bet.
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