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Thumbs up I love this game. Very good.

I bought the game during the xmas sales and just beat it.

After finishing the game this evening, I was amazed how fun and enjoyable the game is. I like how you have to upgrade the G-lifter earning abilities over the course of game.

The puzzles are not easy and not hard, just right. I also enjoyed the humer dialogue and voice acting is very well done. Very thankfully, the game is subititled, meaning, I, as a born hearing impaired, can enjoy the game on the same level as abled players.

While I did had some frustrating parts but in the end, it is very rewarding. I had trouble with the recoil jump concept but as I played, I got better at it.

I really do feel ashamed in paying the sale price. This game easily should deserve full price.

Thank you, devs for a enjoyable experience

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Rabid Dog
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Agreed 100%, had I knew it existed I would have bought it for full price. I hope the cliffhanger means there will be a sequel?

Everything flowed well, constantly adding upgrades to the lifter was nice. Felt good to actually have FUN playing a game for once instead of the game challenging me to a hardcore showdown every 30 seconds.

Felt liek I was back in the 90's playing NES games.
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For an indie game, the presentation is phenomenal. Everything about the game is well polished, but the presentation surprised me the most. The art style, music, character design, voice acting, and camera work during cutscenes were above and beyond what I was expecting out of a little 2D platform/puzzle game. I was sold from the first establishing shot in the intro. I'm really looking forward to whatever they work on next.
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I'm sincerely hoping for DLC levels for this one. Because despite being maddening at times (I'm terrible at video games. All of them.) I couldn't help playing it. And SPOILER the later part of the game felt way too short for me, as well as the ending, well, not feeling like an ending obviously /SPOILER.
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I Agree with the op. I just finished it after buying it during the Christmas sale, and everything about it worked well together. Puzzles were fun and in a very nice sweet spot in difficulty. The length of the game is good for the price point, and felt like it was just the right length to fit the story. The only real complaint I had was I would have liked to have had more variety for the voices of the guards. By the end I was kind of tired of hearing them, but other than that it was a job well done. Big Props to the devs.
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The only bad - i NEVER even heard about this game before christmas sale. And no one else probably.
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Originally Posted by Dr_Quake View Post
The only bad - i NEVER even heard about this game before christmas sale. And no one else probably.
True dat. There was some buzz during spring when the game was almost ready to be launched on PSN. That's when PSN got hacked and we had to wait and struggle till the very end of September to release the game on PSN. Steam version was launched as soon as possible mid-November, during the BF3/MW3/Skyrim buzz, so the media coverage has been pretty poor. We hope people will hear about the game sooner or later.
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Well, I just beat Rochard and I loved every minute of it.
Even though I got it during the Christmas sale, the full price is well worth the 8h25 my first playthrough took.
Rochard is fun, fun, fun.
The graphics and the voice-acting are stellar, the puzzles are well-thought and I loved the game mechanics (especially the different types of force fields)

I'll definitely go through it again in the next few months but I'd love to know how many upgrades/collectibles I missed. Maybe this option will be available in a future patch.

As to extending Rochard, well, except more single-player stuff, I'd love to have a puzzle editor. Can you imagine the boost it would give to the community if we could design our own puzzles and share them?
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