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Exclamation Patch Notes

*Patch 2.2* - 14 Dec 2011
New Ranged Bloodline
- Storm Caller

Storm Bolt (MB1)
Fires a bolt of lightning that does moderate damage to an enemy and inflicts Static. The bolt bounces towards other enemies affected by Static.

Charged Lightning (MB2)
Fires two bolts that does moderate damage, hitting both bolts on the same target or hitting two different targets causes a discharge effect, silencing the enemy.

Flash (Space)
Short range fast teleport spell, does low damage and inflicts Static on all enemies hit

Hail Storm (Q)
Summons a storm that does low damage and slows the enemy, the storm ends with a thunder strike dealing moderate damage and stunning all enemies in the area.

Eye of the Storm (E)
Projectile attack that knockbacks and throws the target into a cyclone, does low damage over time and throws the target out of the storm when the effect ends.

Lightning Shield (R)
Move the mouse cursor over yourself or an ally when casting to shield them from damage, four rotating lightning bolts are created around the player, triggering the ability a second time fires the bolts outwards, does low damage and knocks target back.

Cone of Lightning (F)
Fires deadly lightning in a cone in front of the Storm Caller, does high damage, the Storm Caller can move at reduced speed during the channel time

Chain Flash (EX Space)
Teleports inside an enemy, bouncing towards nearby targets, does moderate damage and inflicts Static.

Vengeful Storm (EX Q)
Reduces damage taken by 80%, damage taken charges a bolt of DEATH that is unleashed when the shield effect ends.

• Timers are now available on in-game special sales.
• Players will now have different bloodline rotations.
• The observer delay when observing a game has been removed.
• "Games played" for a season will now include unrated arena games and scenario games.

• Join in progress round score now shows properly.
• Fixed a bug where the Disturbance debuff could reset a cooldown making the target able to cast the same ability twice in a row
• Bloodpriest no longer gets vulnerable for a short amount of time when traveling with Possession.
• Fixed the "Grade 30" bug. Users affected by this bug will get a grade reset and some kind of compensation. More about this will be posted soon.
• An error popup is now displayed when you try to load an old replay taking you back to the bloodgate instead of getting stuck in the loading screen


Teleport Medallion
• Energy cost up to 80 from 50

• Energy cost down to 35 from 40

Frost Shard
• Now inflicts a unique gradual slow effect (not replacing other general slow effects already on the target)
• Gradually slows for 100% back to 0% over 1.5s
• The slow effect is now triggered when the Frost effect breaks

Void Stone - New Cobalt Medallion
Pulls nearby enemies to the center of an area after a delay.

Bloodlines & Abilities


Javelin (EX MB2)
• Velocity down to 260 from 300

Ranid Assassin

Toxin Bomb (E)
• Fixed a bug that caused consumed poison dart stacks to not increase the slow factor
• Additional slow when consumed by Toxin Bomb down to 5/10/15 % from 10/20/30%
• Base slow down to 20% from 30%


Earth Arrow (E)
• The Weaken effect should now also reduce healing properly

Storm Arrow (F)
• Casttime down to 0.4s from 0.6s
• Impact damage up to 140 from 100
• Tick damage up to 60 from 40

Metal Warden

Charged Shot (MB2)
• Will now be harder to fire on accident after interrupting.

Iron Claw (R)
• Certain dash spells such as Puncturing Strike should no longer get interrupted when hitting a target affected by Iron Claw
• The visual effect has been changed to make it more apparent

Recuperating Beam (EX E)
• Channel duration down to 1.5s from 2s
• Healing per second up to 320 from 240

Overcharge (F)
• Parrying this attack will still create the AoE effect


Taunt (E)
• Bloodfury duration down to 3s from 4s

Heroic Charge (F)
• Area down to 28 from 35


Death Scream (EX Q)
• Fear duration down to 1.6s from 2s


• Hair is now shorter but still very ginger

Missing Soul
• We just wanted to remind everyone that we are still looking into this issue but we have not been able to resolve it


Gringols Gate (Space)
• Fixed a bug with the teleport not triggering when selfcasting this ability while getting knockedback

Blood Priest
• Collision size down to 6.5 from 7

Blood Shield (R)
• The shield now breaks after absorbing more than 250 damage (If the target takes 750+ damage during the shield)
• Duration up to 3s from 2.5s


Mantra of Devotion (Q) - Reworked
Instantly heals allies in target area for 120 health and and applies Exaltation, increasing healing received by 30%. Enemies inside the area are affected by a 30% weaken effect and are slightly knocked back after a 0.8s delay.

Chrono Bolt (EX - E)
• Damage up to 240 from 220
• No longer inflicts Time Fever
• Now inflicts a 0.6s Stun

Time Rift (EX - Q)
• Now also restores up to 200 lost health if the Herald has taken damage during the Rift Time.


Sun Ellipse (Space)
• Teleport Velocity increased to 192 from 142
• Casttime down to 0.2s from 0.3s
• Area down to 20 from 28
• Healing up to 200 from 160

Sun Swirl (EX - Space)
• Teleport Velocity increased to 192 from 172
• Casttime down to 0.2s from 0.3s
• Area down to 20 from 28
• Healing up to 200 from 180


Sleep (E)
• Cast time increased to 0.5s from 0.4s
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