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Dirt2 non-Administrator user issues

If you are not an administrator on my PC, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Yes I know it's not a supported platform), the game keeps on wanting to re-download. And after 2 hours rinse and repeat. If however I log on as Administrator it works fine for me.

1. I re-installed Windows last month, So I have probably done something differently to before.
2. This used to work before Xmas, so I have tried only installing as a non-admin, and even removing all ACLS on the game files. No dice.
3. Allowing my children (who are the ones who play most) Administrator is not going to fly, so don't even go there.
4. The machine has firewalling for the kids, but Steam works fine with the rules in place, and the rules have not changed either from settings before re-installing Windows. They play Dungeon Defenders a lot and the Voip and multiplay works. I know it uses different ports, but this is a Steam validation not a Codemasters issue.
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It't Dirt1 not DIRT2 that Steam claims on the store page Win7 doesn't support which isn't true as it runs like a top both retail and Steam versions but thats another story. As for DIRT 2 it runs just fine on Win7.

Have you looked at the properties of the DIRT2 exe file(r-click on the Dirt2 EXE file) to see if it got set to run as administrator by accident? You shouldn't need to run this game as administrator at all.

You could try the "blob fix" and see if that will fix the problem. Exit Steam, then find and rename the ClientRegistry.blob file. Restart steam and sign back in.
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I changed the account to be an admin user, and that now works. Just need to change the account back to normal user account and see if it breaks again. In which case we are stuck with Dirt2 requiring you to be a power-user, well let's see.

Good to hear some folk do get Dirt1 to run on Win7, I will have to try it. :-)
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