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Game doesnt backup properly

Can anyone backup this game from Steam? It doesnt create an exe with the backup. It makes 3 files.


Never seen any other games backup like this. I dont see how this works....
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Same problem trying to backup CSGO today, still waiting for some kind of answer over the CSGO forums...

ps.: Found the answer:

Originally Posted by Metahunter View Post
For anyone having this problem, here's a step-by-step guide, which will probably insult your intelligence more than once (for which I apologize in advance ... kinda):

1. Click on the 'Steam' tab (top left corner of your Steam client).
A couple of options should drop down.

2. Click on the 'Backup and Restore Games ...' option.
A small-ish window will pop up, with the question, 'What would you like to do?'

3. Select 'Restore a previous backup'.

4. Click on 'Next'.

After that, you just have to locate the right folder. This should be pretty easy. It's almost the same process you went through when you were deciding where to put the game files--EXCEPT this time you have to select the specific folder FOR THAT GAME. You may have to do each of the following, depending on where you originally placed the Backup files.

A. Click on the 'BROWSE...' tab.
Another small window should pop up.
If you have multiple hard drives on your system, this window will have a tab you can use to select the right hard drive.
Underneath that tab, you'll see a directory.

B. Make sure you select the hard drive where the game files are.

C. Scroll down (if necessary), find the 'Steam Backups' folder, and click on the '+' to the left of it.
This should reveal a list of specific game folders.

D. Scroll down (if necessary), find the right game folder, and select it (by clicking on it ONCE).

E. Click on the 'Select' tab.
This should close that window.
Now the other smallish window that popped up earlier should show the exact location of the game folder.
Example: D:\Steam Backups\Assassin's Creed Revelations\

F. Click on the 'Next >' tab.
Now that window should disappear, and another one should pop up, telling you that you're about to install the game, and providing you details about the required and available disk space.

G. Click on the 'Next >' tab.
Now you'll get one of those user agreement windows that we all read very carefully and thoroughly--because we have so much time, and the reading material is so clear and stimulating. And, after all, every one of us ACTUALLY HAS at some point or another refused to install a game after reading its license agreement.

What? Anyone?

H. Click on the 'I AGREE' tab (and contemplate the moral wrongness of clicking dishonestly).

I. Wait.

J. Enjoy.

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