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So I got Xotic in the be mine bundle, and after I installed it I ran it, All I can see is the Xotic logo and my mouse cursor, I can't get past this point.
Clicking does nothing, enter did something but doesn't anymore,
I just want to play, Any Ideas
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Please post your specs, CPU, video card, OS, etc.

Most people who want to help need your system specs before they can offer advice.
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Also, please check the "known issues" thread here:


My first guess would be to try this:

Problem: Xotic crashes while loading the game or loading a new level.

Fix 1: Right-click on Xotic in your Steam Library, select "Local Files" tab and click "Verify integrity of game cache..."

Fix 2: Make sure your DirectX is up to date. An updater can be found in \steam\steamapps\common\xotic\redist\DirectX\DXSET UP.exe

Fix 3: Reinstall the C Runtime libraries. An updater can be found in \steam\steamapps\common\xotic\redist\VCRedist\vcre dist_2008.exe. Choose "repair".

If you are running the non-Steam version of the game, replace "\steam\steamapps\common\" with wherever you installed Xotic.
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