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Anything Saved Online?

Hi, I made a Thread quite a while ago that I had given TDU2 another try after I re-installed my PC, but all my progress was gone.

I yet again gave it another try, in case I screwed something up since the whole profile system isn't the very best out there...

Still couldn't find anything related to my save. Does anyone if ANYTHING whatsoever except your account credentials are saved?

I mean, this game has a HUGE "online career" for you to progress through and it takes a long time and can be very frustrating at some times. And very boring, especially to do it all over again.

I really want to get back into this game, but I just can't be bothered to go through the whole bloody career all over again only to get access to the cars I want, I had even found all the darned wrecks!

Talk about taking a low punch.
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TDU2 is a game like many dozens out there.
It a solo game with online mods.
In addition, the total needed disc space for one profile savegames is about 1GB considering the photos, the stickers etc... which are bounds to your main savegame.

Don't consider this an attack, but read the user manual. Nowhere is mentionned that the savegames are stored online or anything.
Plus you can clearly see that there is no Steam cloud support on this title.

On a general manner, if you change or reinstall your PC, you only have to backup your documents then copy them again after the installation.
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