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Golden Void
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Vaniquisher: what gives best damage?

I feel stupid asking this after so many hours invested in this game already. However new guns I have picked up are not behaving as I expected and I want to ask this question to clear something up.

Given the following:

400 DPS pistol with Very Slow rate of fire
300 DPS pistol with Very Fast rate of fire
500 DPS Rifle with Average rate of fire

What would you expect gave the best results, assuming none of the items boosted your damage in other way? You can have as many points in Dual Wielding as you like.

a) Dual wielding the pistols (with 10 points in Dual wielding)
b) The 400 pistol alone in right hand, with a decent shield in left hand
c) Rifle

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DPS is dependent on Skills. For example a Skill can give 80% of Weapon's DPS.
For regular attacks, its a toss up between Dual Wield and Rifle. Keep in mind with Dual and DPS, a Skill will use the DPS of the Pistol that you first put into the character's hand. So if one Pistol has 200 DPS and the other 100 DPS and you arm her with the 100 DPS weapon first, the Skill will use the 100 DPS, not the 200 DPS.

Weapon Speed doesn't really affect a Skill's Rate of Fire. Weapon Speed affects mainly how fast a weapon is swung/fired with a regular attack.
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Golden Void
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I think I understand all that. However the reason I was asking is I have an oddball situation at the moment. I will give the actual values in play here....

a) My right-hand pistol is 1060 DPS, Fastest attack speed
b) My left-hand is 650 DPS, Average Attack speed

I am trying to decide whether to go with my better pistol and a Shield, OR dual weild. I currently have ZERO points in Dual Weilding as I was using a rifle up till recently.

Now, if I look up my basic stats, the ceiling (max value) of my ranged damage is 2400 when I have *BOTH* pistols equipped. Now, if I unequip the left-hand, crapper pistol, my ceiling ranged damage DROPS to 2200.

I thought it would increase as I am no longer hindered by the lesser gun and am firing faster overall.

Hope that made sense.
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It seems like a give and take. You had two pistols equipped and firing. With that your DPS is higher than just one pistol. It may be faster, but you are missing the damage input from your second pistol.

It is kinda odd but it makes sense. While the second pistol is slower, it still a form of damage. If you remove it, your other weapon fires faster but is missing that additional damage from the slower pistol.

This even made even better through the dual wielding skill. However, it restricts you since there's no benefit when you are not dual wielding. To emphasize what the other poster said, most of your damage will come from skills and these skills take the first weapon you arm your character with as the DPS base.

tl;dr Dual Wielding will get you better damage output in your case.
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I always duel wield. I've never seen any reason to carry a shield as a Vanquisher, especially with the Duel Wield skill.
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