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Exclamation Redemption -- switching Primary/Secondary is inconsistent


I like to keep the explosive weapons on secondary, so I always switch the Chaingun+Rocketlauncher and Stakegun+Grenades to be 1st+2nd.

In Redemption, this works in Level 1 (Spikes) but not in Level 2 (Magazine). ESC > Options > Controls still shows the desired order, but it does not work like that in-game.

Addendum: I just tried it again with the Shotgun, and the Freezer is on primary no matter how you switch it in the Options menu. I could manage switching the guns around after every level, but not being able to put shotgun on primary makes the game pretty unplayable for me.

Fix it please.


OT: I'm playing on Insomnia difficulty, halfway through Spikes I thought, this is insanely hard! They spawn everywhere, there's no room to move!

Later that day, I tried again, finished with all secrets.
The latter part of the level is much easier, because there is room to maneuver.

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