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BUG: collision detection fails

I'm stuck at the puzzle in (I think it's) sector 6 where you have four moveable cubes, four magnets and four pedestals onto which you got to place the cubes.

Every once in a while one of the cubes simply passes through a wall and never returns. A variation of that bug is that one of the cubes lies on a pedestal but the pedestal passes right through the cube when raised.

This puzzle is difficult enough as it is, but I had to replay it thrice now, because every time I'm almost done this bug nixes my success.

Fix it, please!
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I have had the problem with cubes passes through a wall. I usually just stayed away from that corner if all possible.

Well, keep trying, you can do it!
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Yep, it's the puzzle just after the 'Tough Part 1' achievement. Had it happen to me twice now.. saw it go through a red block once, and had two times where I was close to finishing and noticed that one of the blocks completely disappeared ;(.
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