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Mouse Lag Cause by X-TRAP

I have searched ze innerwebs for any forum post about this issue. I only found one, which was without any response.

All in all, as soon as the X-TRAP tray icon appears, my mouse starts lagging like crazy. I know the game itself is not causing it because the lag continues even after the game is close, and only stops when the X-TRAP tray icon disappears.

Any idea for a fix?

I am using a MX518 mouse.
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Same problem on my work machine here gonna try some things if i figure out anything I'll post

After looking on the internet found many mouse problems like this affiliated with x-trap but seems that their is no fix for it ATM unfortunately tried a different mouse out also just for the heck of it still nothing only thing i can recommend is possibly updating your chipset driver maybe that will help but doubtful I'll keep my eye out for any fix and will post if i find anything
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I just updated my mouse drivers and downloaded Logitech,s software for mouse & keyboard managing... And still no difference.

So... I'm done with this game. In any case, from what I've read on the internet, X-TRAP seems like a terrible DRM choice for any game. Plus this F2P looks kinda cheap. Uninstalled.

It's kinda sad, really.

Edit: X-TRAP doesn't really qualify as DRM... It's just an anti-cheat program. My bad. It's still terrible.

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Ah yes this is the real reason why Brawl Busters is dieng slowly.
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