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Can't even get it off the ground.

I've no doubt this is no new problem- I try to start the game and then black screen.I've scoured the net looking at proposed solutions,make sure all drivers update,authorise cache files,blah,blah,blah.
I've been playing PC games for 15 years now and am now seriously considering trying something like Xbox. I long for the days when you just purchased your game,installed it,away you go,no internet dependence,even if you needed patches you could find them on magazine CDs. The so-called "off line mode" is a joke,as half the time that don't work or you are asked to start a game and then exit it,and in my case the game won't even start in order to do an exit.
I had to throw the towel in with "Fallout new vegas" because it was so atrociously bugged ,and now it looks like I've wasted another sum of money.I'm fed up.
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Remedy Games
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Sorry to hear you've had problems. You say you've tried proposed solutions, and sounds like you've done a pretty exhaustive job, but would love to know more to be able to help.

* Have you tried windowed mode? (-window -w1280 -h720)
* Can you try deleting resolution.xml from c:\users\<userid>\documents\Remedy\AlanWake
* Can you try renaming Steam\steamapps\common\alan wake\data\videos\startup_remedy.bik to something else? (it should still load the game fine even with the video not present)
* Have you tried with -nosound parameter

Also, your OS/CPU/gfx card would be helpful to know. We are collecting all "open" problem reports to a database and if we can't find a solution now, a pattern (say certain hw/os combo) may later emerge that helps us track down the issues.
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