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gothic 3 lagg

I downloaded a demo of gothic 3 before going to buy it
and it was freaking laggfest on max ,i ended up buying silverfall.

I went to system requirements lab and run a check and
it says i meet both rec and min O.o

i mean seariously a 2012 laptop cant handle 2006 game
amd e450
4gb ram
i dont get it why it lags,is it using one core only?
does it have fix or something O.o
i really want to buy it >_<

the demo was the gothic 3 vanilla

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Hi, and welcome to the Steam forums.

Gothic 3 had a tumultuous development. What happened at the time is JoWood, G3's publisher, sort of rushed the release, leaving a lot of bugs in.

Then, the modding community stepped in and "patched" it.

So, if you buy the game, and patch it, chances are the game won't lag as much, however, I won't make any promises about the technical side since it's a laptop(complete specs are missing, more detailed info please).

Gothic 3 is a great game. Check my profile out and see how many hours I played. It's a good investment and a great time-killer.

My specs are:
Win XP SP3
nvidia 560 GTX (1GB)
4GB of RAM
6600 Quad Core CPU at 2.66hz

Even patched, G3 still lags in some towns will lots of NPCs.
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gothic 3 lags a lot since there is only one big area and textures have to be dynamically loaded. you learn to go and turn around in new areas so it can load the cache. Overall I consider this game to be the most run RPG I have ever played.
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oh no... I tried to play this game years ago. I was hoping that now with cuad core and 4GB RAM the game runs perfect.

I guess that Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition lags too.
Anyway I have a question:
Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition is the same world and have the same music?? thanks.
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i runned gothic 3 demo when it was launched back some years ago about 5-6 yrs
On radeon 9800 256ram 1gb ram 1.8ghz/+3ghz athlon rofl :/ and it runned perfectly
pretty bad coded game
actually i now played maxed out with enbseries enabled and it runned faster than without it rofl
i think am probably gonna buy it
also turning visual themes of win7 seems to get rid of lag
must be a win7 thingy XD
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Play it at least for 20 minutes and lags disappears. Unfortunately this game had a bad story of development. The Community Patch will fix tons of bugs, so install it before start to play. After installing the Community Patch, you have only to play! After at least 20 minutes, all the lags and stuttering disappears.
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