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The New Product Revealed

As was said in another thread, in addition to the upcoming Chaos Edition of Cyanide's blood bowl, they were working on another blood bowl related product that was separate from this one... and now we know what it is:

DungeonBowl (and some screenshots)

According to Siam of the Cyanide team, Dungeonbowl is not being published by Focus this time, so there's going to be ridiculous communication restrictions related to it on any of the existing Blood Bowl venues.
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Meh.... Not what I want. I love Bloodbowl but I'd rather have the regular game with more teams, a built in editor for single play or leagues that start with more than 1000 TV, more star players and more options for a private league such as increasing the spp values +1 or +2 for when we want to play a short season with all the advancements.

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I'm sticking to the current game. I hate when they make unnecessary changes like they did in Blood Bowl - Legendary Edition Patch
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