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Gothic is more like survival horror to me

Some monsters are so hard to kill and if you try to attack they will kill you mercilessly in one to two hits. you are on your own pretty much all the time facing those horrible creatures.

Seriously, all of the monsters are so ing scary and disgusting this is unbelievable. Everything from meatbug to molerat to scavenger to lurker to minecrawler to shadowbeast to ing swampsharks is scary as . whoever designed those creatures is freaking evil genius. Often Gothic reminds me of Silent Hill - youre kinda playing to see the story and stuff but you are always in tension and never feel safe at least outside of Camps - horrible controls just add to this feeling.

Today I nearly myself when I was attacked by a harpy from behind. I never was so scared during my playthrough of both Dead Space games.

I can not be the only one who find this game scary.

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Gothic is an open world concept, if they want to keep you out till you level a bit, they put hard mobs to block you till you can kill them. If you explore you will find the mobs you can kill at your current level and skill set and it will go alot easier

The Gothic series is one of the best series I've ever played, just give it a chance and the story will suck you in and you won't be able to stop!
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Gothic makes me think of STALKER a lot, in the way that it really seems to just want you dead. I know exactly where you're coming from, and it's one of the reasons I love Gothic.
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I totally can relate to that. Same story for me. I was wandering around the swamp area, you know, just looking and minding my own business when suddenly a freakin' huge swampshark attacked from behind. I jumped up from my seat, headset flying around, crying and laughing while running to that light switch at the very far end of my room.
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Gothic was designed to be a hard game.

In G1 you started as mere convict with a pickaxe as a weapon and later on a rusty sword. Sure you can kill the scavangers that pop out in front of you but you need to learn how to avoid their attacks and hit them only when it's safe.

Later on you get into the camp and everyone is mocking you and using you. Some even try to kill you if you don't pay them. The world you end up in is designed in such a way that you need to do low stuff at first in order to get better and come back and sweep the floor with anything that stood in your way.

I actually killed Lee for his weapon because it was the best in game in part 2 and later i realized i cannot complete the game.. (i used marvin to spawn him again later to complete the chapter, then killed him to get the world in it's previous state again). The world can be yours, but you have to fight to reach to the top. The concept of leveling up basically backed this idea up. If you go into the woods at level 1-2 you will be . Hard.

This, and the fact that the atmosphere is absolutely insane makes it the perfect RPG experience. When you actually feel a lot stronger after a few levels and when you reach the point when you can backfire at all the scoundrels you've met through the game makes it even more REWARDING than acquiring stats and magic pixels.

Gothic 2 the night of the raven - is the most hard, unforgiving and time consuming of them all. It was meant to be challenging and extremely hard if you made the wrong choices. You are supposed to use any means necessary to survive and kill your opponents. I have beaten the end bosses years ago before they buffed them. Now it's downright impossible to beat them considering they regen hp. I had to use cheats to get some scrolls of summon deamon to be able to kill them. Again. I had only 2 because i didn't buy them throughout the game, and i needed 4. If i had known i would've bought them before they disappear from the vendor, but i didn't want to waste 50 hours of gametime because of this stupid thing.

If you made a mistake in the development of your char (first 20 levels you go melee then only magic) the game will punish you. Very, very hard.

Gothic 3 was the most balanced of them all. It allowed you to build any playstyle you wanted (magic wielding archer, battlemage, hunter in plates with a shield, etcccccc). Also it didn't punish you for going a hybrid class too much. When played on the hardest difficulty expect the game to be really hard in some situations.

Gothic 4 does not exist. There is this game called ArcaniA that has nothing to do with gothic except the fact that you randomly find Diego around as an older man. It's a decent game, but with linear and constrained maps, console like, or Fable like if you wish. There is no open world. The game is good but if you think about it as a console game.


Don't expect G1 and G2 to be easy. You need to live in the game and accept what you are. Don't expect you to hack and slash everything at the beginning. They are challenging and they are original.
G3 is very easy on the lowest difficulty. There you can start the game and kill anything that drops your way. Change it to Hard then you will see a true Gothic game in it.

Out of everything i played, Gothic is the most awesome singleplayer RPG out there.

Don't expect to beat everything and live the life of your character. Immerse yourself into the game and enjoy the atmosphere. You will not regret it.
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