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TzC | :D
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Talking How to fix Steam Trade Community

So recently I was playing and Steam's community,trade etc stopped working. I had error code 118! D: So I did a lil research and found out steam wasn't supposed to have any proxies.
Now, here is how to delete them. Go computer/windows/system32/drivers/etc and there should be a file called hosts. Click it and open it with Notepad. Once in you should see some crap written, and at the bottom
they are actually numbers, like and say steam community and stuff. Delete them ALL and save as host.txt to your desktop. Once saved delete the hosts file from ETC and put in the bin. Then drag your hosts.txt into the ETC folder. Restard your PC and it should be fully working (:
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To remove entries from the hosts file, you don't need to copy it about, just erase any rows you don't want or need and press save. Also it's not a .txt file, it doesn't have a suffix.

Remember though that there may be a lot of entries that people WANT to keep in there. It's a really handy way to block sits that you never want or need contact with (advert servers, etc) So only delete the ones relating to Steam, unless you want all those sites to re-appear for you :P
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By default, you shouldn't have any entries in your HOST file. They can be used for legitimate reasons, but mainly it's malware which uses them. You can safely delete it, it will just be remade on reboot.
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You also need to take ownership\\Change persmissions of the hosts file before you can save anything to it.
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