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Lightbulb Skyrim Workshop suggestion

Synopsis of suggestion at bottom of post...
Full length explanation below...

being as how nudity and adult content is not in the general agreement of contribution to the Workshop neither stating it is or isn't allowed, and seeing that mods are not inspected for such things, i was wondering if there could be a method for verifying age and a section locking out underage players from viewing mature content.

I do realize there are those kids who either have defeated the age check on the Skyrim Store page, or were gifted the game. Maybe an age check could be utilized through their payment methods? a personal credit card? not sure how much it would cut down on the underage crowd via just using an DOB check, but how many under 18 have a credit card?

Basically what i'm asking is for a segment of the Workshop that is behind curtains. Content rated MA (Mature Audiences) only, a DOB and credit card check, verifying that the user accessing is not under age, and able to legally access said materials.

I ask this because friends of mine say no nudity can be posted because its Steam, however i have stumbled across a mod that has such nudity that my friend makes. after seeing this nudity is when i searched for the basic version of an "EULA" for the workshop, upon finding such agreement, i read the entire thing, and to my shock, no such anti-nudity warnings were listed.

I have had issues in forums in the past (NexusForums) where an admin completely and willingly mis read what i had said, and banned me from the forums under false pretenses. I have been reluctant to speak up since. I'm kinda defeatist when it comes to forums becuase there is no way to set the tone of voice to reinforce the sarcasm (which i sometimes have a lot of). With my time here in Steam i've grown really appreciative of the community set up here, i hope to be here a long time. Which is why i do my research before piping up anymore, and am saying that in this current thread my tone is neutral, normal, not hostile or offending in any way shape or form.

Though i am uncertain if this is or isn't my first post to the Steam Community since i already have an account here....

Synopsis of suggestion:
- Adult materials should have their own section shadowed by a cloak of secrecy as to prevent unauthorized access by children who have defeated the age verification check** on the Skyrim Store Page.
- If in fact Nudity and other mature content is not permitted on the Workshop then addition of such details should be added to the agreement and enforced*.
- My intentions are not nefarious in any form, i am simply trying to be helpful.

*Enforced if not enforced already.
**Age Verification Check though helpful does not completely root out those children whom are determined to see boobies, and yes, they really make me "Incredible Hulk" mad!

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I think mods with adult content should be allowed and therefore it makes good sense to have some sort of age check. Is Skyrim an age-restricted game though? If it is then checking the player is over the age limit may seem redundant.

As for worrying about getting banned, I wouldn't be too concerned. The mods are generally decent people, they don't ban without reason and you would normally get a warning or infraction unless you break the cardinal rules. It takes 10 current infractions to get a ban and infractions do expire.
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Skyrim is an age restricted game, but like i said, there are those kids who defeat the system, i know because i was once one of these kids, it only takes basic math to do this.

This is good to hear, i generally fear forums based solely on the nexus, that was the first place i really got involved, my first dabbling in forums was in TomsHardware.
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