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(LucasArts) Loom -vs- Fate of Atlantis

Does anyone know anything about either of these classic adventure games and which would be best to start off with?

They're each only $4.99, and I figured I'd try just one of them to see if I enjoy it. I've heard Fate of Atlantis is the better overall, but I've also heard that Loom is a hidden gem. So which one would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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Fate of Atlantis is the safer choice, although it isn't as well written as "The Last Crusade".
Loom had impressive graphics and sounds for its time but fell flat in about every other area if compared to the other Lucasfilm Games classics. It wasn't funny, its puzzles were ... odd ... and since it was initially planned to be a three-part game its story doesn't really hold up either. It's different and it isn't entirely unenjoyable but it is rightfully considered to be one of Lucas Arts weakest adventure game - that still makes it better than most games, though.

The best classic adventures in my opinion were: Monkey Island 1 and 2 (and 3, to some extend), Day of the Tentacle, The Last Crusade. Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion are absolute classics as well but maybe no longer suited for more "modern" gamers.
If you haven't bought the special edition of Monkey Island 1 yet, go get that one by all means.
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If you haven't bought any of them yet, and were thinking about buying one for $4.99, then I might just recommend that you spend $9.99, and get all four.


If you really want just one, then I must say that Loom is really special to me.
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Agreed with the above poster re: buying the pack. However, picking between the two I'd go with Fate of Atlantis. Loom is fairly unique in that it doesn't involve solving puzzles via inventory items so it isn't quite a traditional adventure game in that sense. It's been well over a decade since I played either but if I recall right Loom has fewer puzzles and they are generally easier to solve/more straightforward.
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