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Lightbulb Steam account

I know if you buy a steam account it gets permenately disabled, but how does valve know that the account was bought/traded/sold?

reason i'm asking is because i have a new account which i don't want to login on my new computer if its an IP log. meaning if i have already logged into this computer with it, and then i install steam on my other computer then log in the account on that computer with a different IP address then it's telling steam that the account is on two different computers?
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You can login to your account on any computer in the world as many times as you want, just not at the same time. I could go over to Germany and login to my steam account there on someone's compuer and it will work fine. I'm not sure how they can tell, but a little advice:
DON'T DO IT! They know things...
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well see the thing was me and a friend of mine that lives a block away, we both play TF2 and l4d, and then he couldn't play l4d on his computer awhile back so he asked to borrow my account for the day, i said sure.. than next thing i know my account got disabled.. and this was before i read anything about the teos and user agreement about trading/borrowing/selling accounts and them being permenately disabled if doing it. so i was just wondering how steam knew it was my friend and not me playing on the account on a different computer.
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Don't worry about IPs.
I usually login to Steam on my 3 different PCs and at school and all of them has different IP and my account isn't disabled or anything.

However if you trade/borrow your account it gets disabled.
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