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Improvements to offline mode

One thing that irks me about offline mode is that it assumes you *know* when you will lose internet.

Shouldn't it be possible to let Steam check at startup whether an internet connection is available, and if all the settings are correct to be able to go offline (saved password, not a public pc), go offline automatically?

Whether or not the games are updated are a secondary problem. They usually are, so when losing an internet connection all of a sudden you aren't stuck with a gazillion single player games you can't access because they need to be online.

My internet connection isn't the most reliable one. I just think it's rather odd that when i lost the connection, i can't play Dragon Age (or even Monkey Island or KOTOR for that matter), even though those games don't need to be connected to the internet in the first place.

EDIT: Suddenly Steam is doing exactly what i'm asking here for (disabled network for a moment). For some reason it's behaviour is rather inconsistent though regarding this.

Ignore the thread >_>

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Going offline would not require a password, seeing as when you're offline, it won't connect to the database, thus password checking is impossible.

Also, wat.
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