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Extreme map compiling Problem; PC shuts off

See title

Essentially, whenever i try to do a compile of a map over a certain complexity, it seems, my pc will shutdown mid compile. There is no prior slowdown, or warning, just Bang, off. I've tried doing different compile options, fast vvrad and vvis, one fast and one normal etc, but like i say, over a certain map complexity, nada. I thought it might be my pc overheating or something like that, but extensive gaming on any game i have doesn't cause this problem. I have tried reinstalling the source sdk. Nada. ANY help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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Get a temp monitor and just check. Compiling generally stresses your memory and cpu much more than games do. It sounds like an over heating problem. It doesn't look like a software problem, they generally don't turn a computer off instantly.
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It might be that your motherboard's BIOS thinks the the compiler is a power virus trying to fry up your computer, but that's just outlandish speculation on my part.
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definately sounds hardware related,

post your pc specs and setup, e.g

motherboard make and model
processor make speed and cooling solution
memory make speed and latency settings
graphics card make and model
any other cooling inside your computer e.g case fans
also list your powersupply, make, model and power output

all temperature readings from ambient(mobo), processor, memory, gpu
preferably state idle and load temps

driver versions
windows version

does this problem happen in any other program, game, software?
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Thanks for the quick replies guys. Now, i'm not very computer savvy, so i literally have no idea how to find out all of this information. I can tell you that i have:
An Amd processor, dual core, 3.1ghz
Nvidea 512mb 9800gt
A 600 watt power supply
4gig ram
Windows vista, all drivers are up to date to my knowledge

So yeah, if you need anything more specific it would be great if you could tell me how to get it
Temperature wise, i have no idea at all; Vtune (came with my pc) is telling me my gpu is running at 41'C. Yeah.

Oh yeah, this has never ever happened before.
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That should be enough to compile maps in hammer. How big is it exactly (your map)? Is your case dirty inside or maybe you put the ventilation part too close to a wall, so it heats up quite a lot?
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It's not big at all

I'll give it a clean then, thanks for the advice
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You could always post the file up for someone else to compile or see where the problem is.
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just a thought , no matter what size your cpu is hammer will use every bit of it during compile time till its done.i have i7 920 and it maxes out.so it could be a safety turn off for heat or something like that. i sometimes set the affinity in task manager of vvis to just 7 cores(virtual)just so i can do other minor things while i wait for compile.or just b/c my 0 core is hottest so i turn it off too give it a proccessing vacation for being such a trooper.

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