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Thank you providing the requested information BlueMartini. In the future, there is no need to create two tickets on the same issue.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding in this matter.
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I have heard that you are moving your office, so no problem Burton. Every one of us having such kind of issues in daily life. I have to thank you for solving my problem in only 5 minutes as soon as you get my ticket number, and I'm sorry again for creating multiple support tickets to keep you busy because of my fault. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by BurtonJ View Post
In general, Support tickets are responded to in the order that they are received. If you have submitted a support ticket and received a confirmation email, we ask that you wait patiently for a response - someone will be with you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Mis-categorizing your ticket or failure to provide sufficient information can result in a significant delay in the resolution of the issue.

We realize that current response times are slower than they should be and are actively working to improve this.

If you are experiencing technical issues, please search our Knowledgbase and post on the forums. If you are able to resolve the issue on your own, please close your support ticket so that we can get to others faster.

Hello BlueMartini and Vangogh61,

I am unable to locate your Steam Support tickets. Please provide your Support Ticket incident reference number and I will be happy to investigate.
My support ticket is

Support Ticket Number
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I'm thinking the 5 days as I posted a ticket on the 28 feb and still no joy. So dodn't hold ya breath, you'll turn blue :-}
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Hello. First of all this is my first post so I want to express my compliments. I've been using Steam for about 5-6 years and I think what you're doing is the future in terms of distribution.

However I am a bit sad, as I wrote my ticket the 28 February. Naturally I understand that on a Sunday the chances are very slim something might happen, but it's Wednesday now and I still haven't received an answer. I'm patient for now, but as I pre-purchased a game and very anxious to play said game on the day it's released, my inner game is getting concerned.

Thank you for your time and great work.

Edit: Thank you for your help I got your mail.

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Originally Posted by MikeBlaszczak View Post
Support usually runs a lot faster than the three-to-five day quote you hear here frequently. Most support tickets are answered within 24 hours. After vacations or holidays, it can take a bit longer, but in reality the average response time is still substantially faster than the numbers others are giving.
First off I was the victim of a phishing scam, and unknowingly gave them my information. Know that I know what to look for I can assure that it will never happen to me again.

Immediately after it happened last Friday, March 26th, I sent in a support ticket (1002-JYOM-4472) and still no reply. I'm wondering if it is because I didn't put my CD key in the CD Key field when submitting the ticket. Could this be the case?

I explained that I have to CD keys one for me and one for my wife but didn't know which one is which in the comments field and thought that would suffice. Do I need to resubmit a ticket? Going on day 6 tomorrow and was hoping to get this resolved before then.

PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks team.

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In a simlar boat to others with no reply from steam.
Lodged first ticket on 27th February # [7820-QWGN-2569] [c9e91faa] Hijacked Account.
Then I realised my attachment for proof of purchase didn't appear so relodged on the 2nd March # [4255-TYKV-7133] [2294ced3]Disabled Account.

I was phished and hijacked back on the 18th as were several of my mates who have since been sorted. however I thought I was lucky by being able to change my password, go away for 7 days and come back to find my account disabled. Can someone please look at this.

First action received, a response asking me to provide proof (again), re sent so hopefully al is wel very soon

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Everytime i enter the forums, there always seems to be a new thread or post about that wait time steam support takes to reply. I've been waiting 5 days now and still no response from steam support about my account being hijacked.

In my opinion, the wait time is quite poor when i think most of the questions that people ask about can be easily solved on the forums rather then wasting time on steam support when other people are really at need.

As i've read on the forums and posted by a VALVe employee, that most are dealt with within 24 hours while actual people that have had to contact steam support say its can take up to 3-5 days.

Now considering the possibilities that my hijacked account could be used for cheating and i could of already been VAC'ed, which in my case would be alot of money thrown away, i would expect a better response time on hijacked accounts rather then answering tickets in the order they are received (or so i've read on the forums).

More urgent matters should be addressed first. If your having a heart attack and someone takes you down to the hospital, they don't tell you to wait in line because the people with less urgent problem were there first, if that was the case, you could end up dead before it was your turn in line. This should also apply to a steam account as the risk of wasting someones time and money and the possibility of the account being VAC'ed are at stake then receiving a response when its already too late.

Sorry if i seem a bit agitated, but i don't want to lose the amount of money i spent on these games nor do i want to have to re-purchase them.

Support ticket number: 3438-OFCN-3671

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well ive been waiting 3 days now i cant believe that i bought bf bad company2 ages ago and ive been waiting to play this and no wim going to be miles behind again after having to wait to download it.
Stolen accounts should be dealt with first or the fact that you have our money now means we can go to hell! Hmm G lemme think.
support ticket number 9314-RIJV-8484 but you are probably going to make me wait even longer now as to show anger means im an .
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My account is hijacked - [5208-MELI-4243] [1050b7e4]

I've been waiting over a week, Valve! Do me a favor...
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Old 03-04-2010, 11:57 AM   This is the last staff post in this thread.   #41
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The Support team responds to tickets as they're able to do so. As we've pointed out in this thread, we're running a bit behind after a recent office move. We appreciate your patience, and if you have an open ticket, you should be hearing from Support soon.
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