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So... I screwed myself over and am now stuck [Spoilers]

Hello folks,

So I've been playing and enjoying the game until the end(very close to it)
I've hacked the 4 consoles around HEL and got the blue key from the 4th. I then went back into mindr 14 to use the key on the door. What I did was use the key and then mis-jump into the fire. Killing me.

What this did is use up the key and respawn me in the room with the door locked. I went back into the room where you get the key; it's no longer there.
So now I can't finish the game because I don't have that keycard and.. the only way I can do it is to start over again?
Or is there someone that could perhaps help out in some way?

Thanks in advance,

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unless you saved the game after jumping into the fire and losing the key you should just be able to go back to your last savepoint, which should be from a moment where you either still have the key or before you ever got it.
If you did save after losing the key - why would you do that??

I'm currently playing through the game on hard difficulty to get the "Finisher 2" achievement. If you want I can give you a copy of my savegame when I get to that point.

Regards, Jarchow
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