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Silent Hunter 5 - ups and downs.

Ok guys - lets move on from pointless DRM discussions - I bet in few weeks and a few server related disasters they will release patch for single players.

After playing through first 3 missions I can conlude:
- graphic side is amazing, the surface of the sea, atmospheric events, buildings on shore and objects at sea are top class! thumbs up!
- User Interface - mixed feelings at the moment: nice improvements on map ( altough enemy's ships icons on minimap are barely readible now ), but I can't understand why they got rid of rudder ( you can or move hard port/stern or move the rudder for 1 degree ) forcing us to use the waypoints system on minimap. thumbs down!
- moving inside the ship - it's a nice treat, but could be frustrating when you are stuck at the bottom of the ladder while attacking enemy convoy - and I would like to see some more activity along the crew - thumbs up
- manual/auto TDC - again mixed feelings: it's seems more user-friendly than previous SH games, but still needs improvement: I couldn't find the way to set up salvo spread, amazingly I got more scores using manual TDC then using auto, and you have get used to auto threepoint targeting system. thumbs down for me!

I know most of my whining complaints will be fixed soon with the help of army of modders ( watching closely Old Style SH constrols for SH5 by TheDarkWraith on subsim.com/radioroom ) but I've played both SH3 and SH4 as vanilla versions for a long time while now I feel urgent need to change SH5 content and controls ASAP.
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I agree on all points i would also like to add:

Contacts on map move a ghost icon on the map in relation to where you place your waypoint Thumbs UP

When you leave a game session open for an extended period of time it kicks you off the DRM server without saving your game. so for me when i put it on no time compression and plot a course then come back from 7-11 my game is closed forcing me to reload another save WAY THUMBS DOWN...
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They also need to address the issue of securing the deck gun and crew morale issues.
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I agree on a few things - Okay, most things though I find hitting with the torpedoes was easier in the previous games, though after a few hours of hunting now I find it fairly easy in this game aswell.

Rudder is really annoying, when I need to direct the boat, I drag my waypoint without dropping it and just holding it in the direction I needed to go, so steering the boat with the mouse.
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