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So, FEAR 2 had sod all support for the PC version...
see this

I expect that FEAR 3 will similar in this respect.
So I pose a theoretical question, since I'm interested in what others think:

Would you rather they made a poorly supported port of FEAR 3, or would you rather they didn't bother with the PC version?

You can't say 'I'd rather they made a proper PC version' because that just doesn't happen these days, unless it's a valve game.

My answer: if they aren't going to do it right, don't bother, because I won't buy it.
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Not holding out much hope for the 3rd installment at all. They had a winning strat in FEAR1 and ignored it in FEAR2. They have censored all criticism on their site and so I assume they don't care what we the people that made FEAR1 a hit think. This is one of the reasons I hate episodes and sequels. Give me a complete game so a sequel can't com along screw something up and if you die or go bankrupt I can't miss any of the story. All the old Splinter Cell games are separate stories not sequels for example. The same with the old Core TR games.

Your link is still one of the best lists of what was so wrong with FEAR2. Expect more of the same for the final piece of garbage called F3AR. Notice the stupid name.

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Would rather monolith stop making PC games if fear 2 was a indication of the quality level.
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