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Graphical fail.

Pretty sure this will be in the wrong place but sorry for that =[

Just got my JC2 installed, played for awhile all went smoothly. Came back to it not long ago after a break, and it seems to freeze graphically after a few minutes of gameplay. the game its self continues to play as i hear the background sounds etc, but the screen is frozen to wherever i was. Tried lowering and turning off certain graphical options but it still occurs. Anyone else having troubles??

Running Win7, GeForce8800, Quad core, 4gb ram

Thanks in advance
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Make sure that your CPU/GPU temperatures aren't getting too high. Try this tool to monitor those. Consider additional cooling options (more fans/liquid cooling) if you're running too hot.

Tried lowering and turning off certain graphical options but it still occurs.
Was v-sync among these? It can cause all sorts of problems and probably isn't necessary for this game on most peoples' hardware.
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I'm having exactly the same issue. The game runs completely fine until the graphics just locks up, like you said the game continues (I sometimes can manage to work the mangled menu to quit the game). It's arbitary when it seems to do this as well, I can get from a few minutes to over an hour. I should add that I've had no problems with my graphics card for any other game, they play fine it just seems to not like just cause 2

My specs;
Win7 64bit
AMD Athlon X4 620 processor 2.6ghz
ATI Radeon HD 4800 - latest driver 10.3 catalyst control
4 gb memory

I've tried reinstalling my graphics driver, reinstalling the game, adjusting graphics in the game. If anyone can shed some light I'd be grateful.
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Please check if the crashes occur due to:

- enabling GPU accelerated Water
- enabling Bokeh Filter

for me, it only does these crashes when applying these Options, more people on the net narrow it down to GPU accelerated water. Other than that, crashes are very, very rare.

I also opened a thread for that, --> GPU accelerated Water causing crashes
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culmor30 -
I tried running that tool but it said my processor is not supported. I don't think this is the reason though otherwise I would've seen it happen with other games, though that be more me hoping it's not over-heating since I can't check.

I turned off V-sync when I started to play this game, as I had problems with that with the demo.

cmoe -
I can't find any options for GPU accelerated water or bokeh filter, I can turn the water effects down lower but that hasn't helped. Plus it does not crash per se, the graphics lock up but the game and OS are perfectly fine (I can alt tab out, windows runs as normal with no graphical glicthes). It's done this graphical lock up at random times not just near water and the game runs perfectly until it decides to lock up.
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@BickeringEntree: Bokeh Filter and GPU accelerated water are NVidia-exclusive features. Although your problem sounds similar, I guess it might also be a driver issue. Try to set all graphic options to minimum, then test for awhile; then start cranking single options back up to max and check if they influence stability. If one of the options causes the freezes, report back please!

Check on the Nvidia Water around Youtube to know what youre missing out on :P
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Sleagle, what driver do you have? Old ones have problems with JC2: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...7#post14090217
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Oh don't worry cmoe I will be constantly trying things out to see if they work and if I find the cause or a fix I'll report back here. Though because of how randomly it happens it'll take a while as there's no sure way of testing apart from playing until it locks up.

Looking around on other forums it does seem to be a graphics driver issue with the game, mainly ATI cards / drivers but there are a few reports of Nvidia cards doing the same. ( http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=104984 ).
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I believe I've fixed what was causing my graphics to lock up. I turned disabled visual themes when running JC2. Incase you don't know how to do this go to your JC2 directory;
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2
right click the just cause 2 exe > select compatability > disable visual themes

That's so far stop any crashing since I did that today, so I hope it helps anyone else with this problem.

If your still having any issues here are some links to other threads I've found on the subject (maybe it will help shed some more light on the problem) -
And if you have an ATI card -

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You will be my hero if that works, BickeringEntree.
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When this issue happens for me, I lower the resolution, and then increase it again. It isn't a long term solution or anything, but it may help if you get it in game.
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