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I have the same problem. But you know that's the f-ed up thing? The cracked version works just fine. I had a cracked version i liked the game so i bought it. And it turns out that original doesn't work as well as the cracked one. I guess the crack makers fixed couple of bugs
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That is so silly, but I kind of suspected that might work if what Curried-Cat suggests above is true -- if it's the Steam overlay causing problems, I'll bet any non-Steam version will work okay.

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I managed a good long game by logging out of Steam Friends and then turning off the Steam overlay. Will try turngin them on one by one.

Oh, and I'm usingv the beta.
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Starwind Amada
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You guys do realize that without that hatch, the island to the west would just be any old island, right? It has no other resemblance to the island from LOST. No barracks, no Black Rock, no statue, nothing. Maybe they'll release DLC where the smoke monster appears, boars attack you and there are random time flashes that transport Rico to 1977.
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