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Originally Posted by IvanDoomer View Post

try that (can be a unwritable registry)

1.Close Earth 2160 and log out of Steam
2.Open your Windows registry editor (go to the Start button then "Run..." and type "regedit")
3.Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Reality Pump\Earth2160
4.Delete this registry key (do not make any changes to any other keys - it is recommended that you save a backup copy of your Windows registry before making this change if you are not familiar with working with the registry)
5.Once the key has been deleted, log back into Steam and register again through Earth 2160
6.Enter the code which you receive by e-mail - this should confirm your Earth 2160 registration (the code should be accepted and you should not be prompted to register again once this has been done)
That doesn´t work but thanks anyway
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Originally Posted by IvanDoomer View Post
I'm not so happy, will we need to call media attention every time when Steam refuses to solve your problems? ><
If needed yes, its utter bs that it takes attention like that to correct the issue. I really do not know if they were working on it before hand or not. but I can say that the issue was not resolved in a timely manner. And my respect and use for valve and steam oriented products has been greatly reduced. Plus many of the other military members that I represented have become extremly distraught with the situation.

Basicly we had a Earth 2160 lan schedualed at the end of an deployment and when soldiers+sand-a video game they want to play=
some very unhappy armed people.

I jsut hope this doesn't happen again at least in conjuction with a senario like that.
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Good news: Title backed up to store (and we know that it is working =)
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iv been on this boat since they released earth 2160 on steam WTF!!!!!
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