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Old 06-28-2009, 05:29 PM   #31
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just upgraded to a WD raptor HDD (the sata1 version) and noted a 15-20% increase in performance in the game. less jitter!

also I recommend to any one that they should consider updating there motherboards bios! noted the sound was better in a lot of spots! after I did this. there was a list of fixes on my bios page and improved xfi support was one of them. this could very well be a good solution to some players problems.

IF YOU HAVE NEVER UPDATED YOUR BIOS PLEASE GET SOME 1 TO HELP YOU! cause if you mess something up you can completely screw your board up!!
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Old 07-01-2009, 05:34 PM   #32
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found out that when using driver v182.50 and 181.22(Nvidia) T&L don't always display properly! randomly when the game loads up this may happen, or if the game drops suddenly or you hit the win key and click the game to bring it back up it may get messed up!
ive tried many drivers and same thing every time! so its ether the game or it could be windows vista!

just about fed up with the graphical problems in this game! I think ill just get a PS3 and that version of the game and be done with it!

even tho I have managed to get threw the game with out much trouble trying to get this game to run with out a hitch is just to much of a pain! never have I had this much of a problem running a pc game! from what ive heard the pc version is a ported 360 version and if so both are a POS!
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Old 07-09-2009, 01:34 PM   #33
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm noticing a consistent pattern of nVidia users here. How many people with ATI's are having similar random crashes on level loading?

I'm planning on getting an ATI Radeon HD 4870. One of the members here says he/she has had no issues running Silent Hill 5 with it. Could this be nVidia's problem? Wouldn't be the first time nVidia's drivers has caused crash issues with a game so I'm hesitant to point the finger at Konami just yet. I still remember the 175.$$ driver days where nVidia was causing crashes in Half-Life 2. nVidia was also the leading cause of Vista crashes back in 2007 to the point where Microsoft files lawsuits against nVidia. Source: http://arstechnica.com/hardware/news...ia-drivers.ars

I currently have a GeForce 8800GTS 640mb and I get the random crash on level loading. Actually, the game doesn't crash immediately, instead it takes around a minute to load then the game runs at meager 5 frames a second. The crash occurs when I try to transition to another level again - actually the game hangs and I have to ctrl+alt+delete to get out.

I think what would really help us figure out what might be causing this problem (and it will most likely be the community who will have to find a fix) is to post our dxdiag info. With the dxdiag, we can look at the issue and compare the hardware and system settings between users. How to post a dxdiag:

On Vista/Windows 7:

-Click the Windows button
-Type dxdiag in the search box just above the Windows button then press Enter
-In the first dxdiag window, click the Save All Information button located near the bottom of the dxdiag window.
-The save option will allow you to save a dxdiag.txt file, just place it where you can find it easily (typically the desktop).
-I'm not sure what the size limit of posts on Steam are, but I'll just link to my dxdiag attachment on my other forum:

My DXDiag Attachment:

On Windows XP:

-Click on start
-Click on run then type in dxdiag then press enter
-The rest of the steps are the same.

It would be nice if this forum allowed for attaching small txt files. This method is also useful for those who are unfamiliar with their hardware. So post up you dxdiag (either as a link or copy/pasted text) and state whether the game works fine for you or you're having troubles (please state the nature of the problem).

Through a community effort, we could probably find a solution.

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Old 07-20-2009, 10:54 PM   #34
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Uhm... wow. I'm gonna have to redact my last statement and side with most of the people about this being a bad port. Sorry nVidia, you're off the hook this time. Seems my ATI Radeon 4870 1gb struggles to play this game after awhile as well, having the same exact issues as my 8800gts 640mb did. This game must be finicky about people's motherboards or sounds cards or something.

Bad port, especially for the large masses of people who are well within spec, yet cannot play regardless. I guess some people are just plain lucky.

@tx3000: You're an idiot and one lucky buzzard. Enjoy being among the few within spec who can actually play this bad port.
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If the patch of Silent Hill Homecoming release, please anyone who knows it leave a message in forum. Thanks...
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Old 07-31-2009, 09:31 AM   #36
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They wont even acknowledge that people have issues, much less release a patch. Keep that in mind before buying any new shoddy Konami\Double Helix ports. They do not care about any issues you might have after they get your money.
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Old 08-05-2009, 05:55 PM   #37
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Firstly I'd like to say tx3000 you're an idiot. Secondly Javokis, you may be in the right wood just the wrong tree. What we need to be looking at is system architecture.

Firstly, I remember when the specs came out during development, they claimed it would run on a minimum of 3800+ AMD single core but with nV 8800 minimum (can't remember the Radeon and Intel min specs), I therefore paid 300 notes to upgrade my AGP 7600 system to a PCI-e 9600 rig (same CPU and memory).

The game is very close to release and now this game requires a dual core (x2, core duo) as minimum and a 7800. (wow, knowing that would have saved me having to buy a new board, how nice of them)

There is a possibility that the game was troublesome and DH assumed it be GFX related (hense pre-release data) but later on identified it as low CPU power. If this is the case, then did they only intensively test this game on the high end machines, or with limited different CPU/Hardware architectures?

As a software tester of 8 years, I have seen all too frequently applications run fine on a low end machine but crash when run on a state of the art rig, and vice versa, mostly due to CPU but also some memory issues.

My initial thoughts are, what kind of CPU, RAM and Chipset is everyone running on? At the end of the day, these are the things that cache, process and control traffic to and from the rest of the machine. We already ruled out different GFX makes, but what about models, anyone remember the GeForce6600? I remember one reviewer saying "it's like a teenager, powerful enough to get itself into trouble but not smart enough to avoid it" whilst the 6200 and 6800 got pretty good feedback.

I have a AMD x2 4200+ 939 CPU, 4 x 512mb of 3200 RAM, running on an ATI 3200 crossfire xpress chipset and a nV 9600gs 512 GFX card.

Problems experienced, no crashes other than after Alt tab (seeen loads before), experiencing the 5.1 surround issue.

And as with everyone else, I've got the gamepad config file doodah. I've made this easier for myself by writing a little excel sheet that makes sense of some of the keybinds, search forums for "excel key bind sheet".

What I don't understand is, what if you have a 360 controller and want to change the config? Does it save the new config to the binds file?

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Old 09-04-2009, 02:54 AM   #38
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no sign of a patch,huh ?
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Old 09-23-2009, 02:33 PM   #39
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Issue update!!

I have recently started experiencing the following:

Level Loading Crashes
Audio FX only in 1 ear but music in both
Controller config changing randomly between levels and saves
A slight squealing sound coming from speakers after playing until system restart.

I have raised a ticket with konami europe who have not replied in over a month. Valve, take some responsibility and get on Konami's case or cease installer support of this shoddy development.
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I am looking at taking action against Konami and Valve through the European Office of Fair Trading and European Trading Standards insititute, this may however lead to legal action and as such I require your support.

I have started the following post to collect details of other affected users of the bugs to this game in order to support my claims if court action is required.


Please taken time to provide the requested information.

The gaming industry has a long standing reputation to release buggy code and fix it on the fly, however Konami show no intention of having this release fixed otherwise an announcement would have been made.

Also Valve as sole distributors and licensors through Steam have a responsibility to offer a refund and remove the material from our accounts, however they refuse to take such action.

I have tried to contact both Konami and Valve over the last month and no or little response has been received.

I would also like to know your experiences when trying to receive support.

Thank you in advance.
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Old 12-29-2009, 05:35 PM   #41
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they cant get away with sending out broken games, its like the russian mob is controlling this .
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Originally Posted by Nebel View Post
Who should be responsible for the game patch? Double Helix or Konami?

Mothering Batman, because by the sounds of things, that's who it's gonna take to get this thing fixed.

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Old 04-14-2010, 12:37 PM   #43
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Red face

Originally Posted by KiyomiChan View Post
I dont know, though I hope not. if they had people like THAT working for konami or the other company as IT support, there would be no patch, nothing done. with people like that around, NO ONE would actually FIX the problem. Just send you on some wild goose chase to make you think your computer is busted (even though nothing that he went on about computer settings and all that crap, wouldn't have made a difference in the slightest).

Not only that but (hypothetically) I'm pretty sure he/whoever would get fired for the lack of progress/helpfulness to paying customers. I mean. come on. continually saying "The game is fine the game is fine, go fix your computer" was a load of crap. I bet he was lying when he said he tried it on many different computers and had it working for all. Why would someone do that anyways? He has no proof. You know what, I bet he was just trying to scam people. I can easily admit I'm no computer genius. but I can understand most things about a computer good enough. even with my boyfriend knowing more than I do.

I'm ignoring that person's posts entirely. because I really dont believe there are any problems with the computer. when you think about it. if it WAS the computer. would ANY other game you play on your PC even work? through steam? I mean some may have some glitches or something here and there. but still. all games have those.

I'm waiting for a patch. and I hope one will fix the problem.

i agree he must be on the pay.
i have an amd 3.2 quad with a 5870 and 8 gigs of ram, also i have a p4 3.6 with a 7900gtx and 1.5 gigs of ram and lastly an amd 2.6 quad with 9800gt in my household. i got different issues on every computer, i wait for a patch that i dont believe has been released, and i think for a fully functioning homecoming i will be waiting for ever and ever, the guy saying this isnt a game problem makes me wanna get reality to strangle his face and punch him in the face with its knees, the chance of my wish coming true is equivalent to the prospects of his argument being valid. presumably when purchasing a game from steam it should be organised to unpack itself with all the required components than a semi install, if a game requires a specific program then it rather ought to unpack its little self automatically, games like this make console gamers more justified in their existence which is bad for all of us.
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this is one of the games that made me try and get some collective support for the idea of a dev promise to give some care to a game after release, ill probably get in trouble for posting this so please take a tiny look and say whatever u think, i still have a save for silent hill that is near the end and crashes every time i load it as soon as i try and hit anything-(which in this game is somewhat a necessity). i cry for the space on my hard drive it consumes but live with the hope of a mythical patch that will make it work.
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